The pandemic seems to be coming to an end, and we can finally travel again. Restrictions are easing in the UK, and a summer holiday abroad is almost in our grasp. Many people have stuck to staycation for the last two years. We are ready to hop on a plane and explore a new side of the world again.

Social media has a big impact on the travel trends for the year. According to Statista, a whopping 36.5% of people look to social media for travel inspiration and 60% share photos of their trip online. There are more than one million travel-related hashtags each week with countless posts. Social media allows travel agencies to expand their customer base and create traction around certain destinations. The online world has a say on where we travel in real life.

Let’s take a look at the travel trends for 2022.

Sustainable travel

Since COP26, the climate crisis has been at the forefront of the news. Many people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint with small lifestyle changes. Some have converted to veganism, while others commit to slower travel. Instead of catching a flight to a new destination every two days – slow travel involves spending more time in each place. For example, you could spend a month learning the language in a small French town and working in a local café. You could then hop on a train to a European city and spend a few weeks there.

You could embark on a walking or cycling holiday – or look for more eco-friendly flights. While every plane produces an enormous amount of carbon dioxide, you can now find airlines with a lower impact on the environment.

Once in a lifetime trip

Many people are looking to travel across the world for a once in a lifetime trip. After years of staycations, we are ready for a bucket list adventure holiday. You could go to the Galapagos Islands, Jamaica or Bali for the ultimate summer holiday. Prepare for your long-haul flight and save up for a few fancy hotels along the way.

You could explore a few different countries in one go. Spend a week in Cambodia before catching a flight to Vietnam for a different adventure.

Travel to improve wellbeing

There is far more emphasis on holidays to promote mental and physical wellbeing. There are yoga retreats, digital detoxes and even remote working holidays. Spend the day hot desking in The Maldives before dancing the night away on the sand. Modern life is chaotic and stressful. There is a much bigger demand for relaxation retreats, away from the pressure of social media.

Plan your holiday for 2022 and make it a good one.