Ultimate Year-Round Home Maintenance Checklist

When your home is your largest investment, as it is for the majority of people, maintenance is essential. The key to having a beautiful home is to take care of it both inside and out. …


When your home is your largest investment, as it is for the majority of people, maintenance is essential. The key to having a beautiful home is to take care of it both inside and out.

Regular maintenance will help to provide that your home is safe, comfy, and lasts as long as you want to enjoy it. Home maintenance can appear to be a never-ending story, especially for a new homeowner.

To help yourself, the best you can do is to make a home maintenance checklist. Follow the list and your budget will be thankful. In this article, we will give you some ideas about what your season maintenance checklist needs to include.

Fall Maintenance

During the fall season, home maintenance is focused on preparing the house for winter. Keep in mind that fall home maintenance is probably the most important. All the things you didn’t bring to order during the fall, will quickly alert you during the winter.

Before winter starts, it is good to check if everything is in order. See if there is any damage around the house. Also, it is important to check if the isolation of the house is in order. If you have a barn you could consider doing pole barn insulation rolls. It’s not so expensive and it will enable you to use the barn during the winter.

It is time to remove and store the window screens. If your home has storm windows, install them back on. Winterize your central air conditioning. Don’t forget to clean the chimney. Protect exterior hose and faucets with foam covers.

Ceiling fans should be reversed so that the vanes rotate clockwise. This will aid in the distribution of warm air that has accumulated near the ceiling. Aluminium guttering requires less maintenance, with little to no repair or real maintenance compared to other gutter options like steel or PVC.

Winter Home Maintenance

Winter is a time when you need to focus on damage control, keep the roof intact, and prevent ice dams. Below-freezing temperatures during the winter can cause a variety of issues, including frozen pipes.

During winter, check gutters and the lower roof for ice barriers and remove them as needed from a secure ladder. Check that the covers are still on the outside hose and faucets if you have them.

Use this indoor-friendly season to clean out the basement, garage, and other interior spaces that get neglected during the summer. One of the best winter home maintenance tips is to have your snow clearing equipment ready before the first snowfall.

Perform thorough checks in and around the kitchen and inspect bathroom fixtures for any leaks. In between all these maintenance tasks, if you accumulate any unwanted items or waste, consider hiring 1300 Rubbish rubbish removalists to ensure your property remains clutter-free and presentable.

Spring Home Maintenance

Spring home maintenance is primarily concerned with cleaning up the mess and damage caused by winter. The weather is still unreliable, so now isn’t the time to start long-term outdoor projects like painting the house.

Now is time to clean the gutters and, using a water hose, make sure that they drain. Also, look for damages in exterior siding and do the repairs if needed.It is also a good time to do a checkup of shingles, flashing, and vents for damage. You can now clean the windows and replace screens if needed.

Take care of your garden. Trim back trees that may drop branches on your house. Call your electric company for pruning of branches near power lines.

Don’t forget that ceiling fans should be reversed so that the vanes rotate counterclockwise. This causes air to flow downward, cooling the room.

Summer Home Maintenance

Summer provides comfortable working conditions for intensive repairs that were not possible in previous seasons due to higher temperatures.

Do all repairs to the home’s siding. See if the house needs to be painted on the exterior and do it if the answer is yes. Clean and repair your outside sundeck. Wash and apply a sealant to your perfect wooden fences.

Now is time for everything that you wish you did before winter has come. If you noticed drainage problems from previous seasons, now is the time to consider building a drainage system. Clean kitchen exhaust fan filter. If you want to improve the kitchen, now is the time to do it. Check everything in and out around the kitchen and also bathroom cabinets and toilets for leaks.

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