Unique Gifts for The Dad Who’s Already Got It All

Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for when it comes to celebrating any occasion. After all, what do you get the man who has it all…or says he wants ‘nothing’? A generic tie or sweater …


Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for when it comes to celebrating any occasion. After all, what do you get the man who has it all…or says he wants ‘nothing’? A generic tie or sweater is out of the equation. What about a gift card? That’s simple enough, and no real hassle on your end. But this is dad! No gift card or frumpy sweater is enough to express your feelings and love for him. We’ve compiled a group of unique gifts for dad that he’ll love, and you’ll love selecting for him.

Top Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything

It may seem like he has everything, but with a bit of creative thinking and effort on your part, we’re sure you’ll discover the perfect, unique gifts for dads right here.

The Foodie Dad

Ah yes, the foodie dad. He’s comfortable around the kitchen – slicing, dicing, and creating mouthwatering meals for the whole family. He may enjoy exploring the trendiest restaurants, or perhaps he prefers discovering local dives and hangouts with surprisingly good eats. He’s no stranger around a grill, either, flipping burgers, steaks, and chicken over an open flame.

If this sounds like your dad, well, then can we just say that you are extremely lucky, because who doesn’t love to eat…especially when someone else is cooking!

There is a plethora of new and exciting kitchen gadgets being introduced often. In fact, we’ve come a long way since the George Foreman grill (still a classic) and other gadgets started becoming popular. Now you can choose from grill/smoker combos to pizza-making ovens and high-tech blenders so he can whip up his favorite protein smoothie or diner-inspired milkshake.

Grilling gifts for dad include everything from grill utensils (not all that unique) to skillets and even steak and meat subscriptions. Imagine, a fresh supply of his favorite cuts of steak or other meat delivered monthly. That is a gift any dad is sure to love.

And what pairs better with a hot, juicy steak off the grill than an ice-cold beer? Beer gifts for dad include personalized barware, growlers, and brew-it-yourself beer-making kits.

The Tech-Savvy Dad

Does your dad stay up to date on all the latest technologies and gadgets? Is he ready to upgrade to the newest smartphone as soon as it hits shelves? Let’s be honest, he’s your go-to tech support person, too, isn’t he?

Smart home devices offer a myriad of options, including thermostats, security cameras, robot vacuums, and so much more. Is he a fitness junkie? Digital scales measure everything from weight to BMI, muscle mass, body fat, and metabolic age. He’ll be ready to exceed his fitness goals in no time.

For the tech-savvy music lover, wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and home entertainment systems will put a smile on his face and a groove in his step.

If there is one thing he doesn’t yet have…and very likely wants…it must be a drone. For dad, drones are not only fun and exciting, but practical in terms of taking aerial photography and video, perfect for recording his kid’s sporting events. If you’re looking for a showstopper gift this year, it can only be the drone.

The Adventurous Dad

Is your dad always up for the latest adventure? Does he thrive on adrenaline-boosting activities, or love spending time hiking and exploring the great outdoors whenever he can?

For the man who loves the outdoors, gifts like hiking boots, camping gear, or insulated/waterproof apparel are practical, but will be appreciated.

For the ‘wow’ factor, consider a waterproof camera to capture all the action, or a GPS communication device that allows him to stay in touch no matter how far off the trail his treks take him.

The Classic Dad

Then there is the classic dad, the one you see on TV who always has the best advice, works hard to support his family, and enjoys some of the simple pleasures of life like fishing, woodworking, and puttering around in his garage.

Gifts for dads in this category include everything from an indoor golf putting mat to personalized coffee mugs or a rare, out-of-print book. Since he is such a hard worker and spends a great deal of time on his feet or sitting at a desk all day, he’s bound to have some muscle aches and pains along the way. What better, unique gift to bestow upon him than a massage gun which he can use to massage those pains away, so he’s rested, refreshed, and ready for the next day.

The Rad Dad

If you can’t quite pin your dad down into one of the previous categories, then it is likely that he’s what we call a “rad dad.” He marches to the beat of his own drum, not afraid to look silly or foolish, and always up for a laugh and a good time. He’s the dad your friends enjoyed being around because he was “cool.”

For rad dads, you need to think creatively. He has a lot of sweatshirts, but does he have a personalized sweatshirt with his favorite saying or a goofy picture of himself? Personalization works well for the rad dad, and he will appreciate the uniqueness and the fact that it is one-of-a-kind…like him!

Rad dad also has a man cave and is eager for everyone and anyone to come and see how awesome it is. When it comes to man cave gifts, set him up with a personalized neon bar sign, dartboard, or the latest video game console. Just don’t be surprised if he spends even more time in his man cave.

From classic dads to rad dads, these unique gifts for dad will take his next special occasion from ho-hum to holy cow in an instant.

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