Valentine’s Day is the big one. When it comes to romance and proving that you can hold your own in the lists of love, making Valentine’s Day memorable is essential, especially that all-important first year. But what should you choose? You want the gift to be exciting, expensive enough that you remember buying it, but not so expensive that you run the risk of getting behind on the rent, and you do not want it to make commitments that you have not yet considered! Here are some great ideas:

Solitaire Pendant

A solitaire pendant is a superb piece of jewelry that meets so many of the criteria of good, thoughtful present giving, without ending up as an accidental proposal! It can, however, allow the impression that at some point in the future, a ring might be purchased to complement this piece…

Good stones for solitaire pendants are round brilliant cut diamonds, princess cut, cushion and Asscher cut, and even the more unusual triangular trillion cut stones. Oval, marquise and pear-shaped stones too lend themselves well to be displayed on a chain, and all look great against warm skin, capturing and reflecting out any and all available light.

A Well-Matched Pair

Speaking of catching the light, diamonds work particularly well as earrings, sparkling beautifully and catching the eye and interest of all who see them. Earrings make a great Valentine’s Day gift for people who curate their image carefully and who love to be seen to be cherished as much as they love to be cherished!

Earrings can come in the form of discreet studs that offer a muted but expensive twinkle, or you can opt for bigger and more dramatic dangly earrings whose diamonds will scintillate and sparkle in any situation. Pay attention to your partner’s existing earrings and choose a pair that seem to fit with their overall look to really impress them with your understanding of their taste.

Game, Set, Match?

Tennis bracelet is a rather mundane name for a really rather beautiful object! So named from the day when Chris Evert’s diamond bracelet came unclasped on court, leading her to shout, ‘I’ve dropped my tennis bracelet.’ The umpire allowed a moment for her to retrieve and put away her precious piece, but in the meantime, jewelers began to be inundated with requests for ‘tennis bracelets’ and they have been cashing in ever since!

An array of just over fifty carefully matched stones are arranged in a chain link formation to create a close fitting, elegant and somewhat expensive cable, a tennis bracelet is the ideal gift for a loved one, whether they are a young relative coming of age, an older family member celebrating their own milestone (a great promotion, graduation, wedding or the birth of a child), or for anyone who might enjoy the cachet of having diamonds encircle their wrist!

The Ring is the Thing!

While a diamond ring does not have to be an engagement ring – you can give platonic rings to family members, friends, deserving colleagues or employees – if you do happen to be planning a wonderful proposal, you can ensure you never forget the date that you proposed by opting to do it on Valentine’s Day! Consider exploring custom engagement rings to mark this wondrous occasion and to let that special person in your life know how much you love them.

With all these items, you can buy them ready-made, or you can purchase the diamond and have the jewelry made up for you to make it even more unique. Find a diamond here, when you begin the process of putting together your ideal Valentine’s Day diamond gift.