Vera Davich – Scott Patterson’s Ex-Wife

Have you seen Scott Patterson in Gilmore Girls? He is mostly famous for that role, and for his appearance in the Saw movies. His popularity even produced a guest-star role in Seinfeld, where he portrayed …

Real Name:Vera Davich
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Ex-wife of Scott Patterson

Have you seen Scott Patterson in Gilmore Girls? He is mostly famous for that role, and for his appearance in the Saw movies. His popularity even produced a guest-star role in Seinfeld, where he portrayed a man named Billy, a casual dating partner for Elaine. Most people know his life after Gilmore Girls. But how much do you know about his life before fame? That is the life Vera Davich is part of.

Scott got quite popular in the 2000s. That is the period when he appeared as Agent Strahm in Saw movies and Luke Danes in Gilmore Girls. But he was married to Vera in the 1980s.

Who Is Her Ex-husband?

Before we talk a bit more about his former wife, let’s talk about the life and career journey of actor Scott Patterson.

Born Scott Gordon Patterson in September 1958, he is an American actor and musician. Scott got famous as Luke Danes in Gilmore Girls and Special Agent Peter Strahm in the Saw franchise. But he also starred as Michael Buchanan in The Event.

Fun fact: Scott is a direct descendant of Richard Stockton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States.

Before he ventured into acting, Patterson tried a career in music. He formed his first band, The Unknowns, while he was in third grade with longtime friend Tommy Poitras. They played two songs and performed throughout grade school and high school.

The band disbanded following their high school graduation. Patterson was raised in Haddonfield, New Jersey. He attended Rutgers University, where he pursued a career in Comparative Literature. He also studied acting in New York with coaches like Robert Lewis and Sondra Lee.

From 1980 to 1986, he spent seven years as a professional pitcher in minor league baseball, topping out at the Triple-A level. He played for seven different minor league teams and was selected to four All-Star teams.

Fun fact: he was selected by the Atlanta Braves in the 1980 Major League Baseball secondary draft and played his first pro season. He won 13 consecutive games in 1981. In 1986, he signed a minor league contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate, the Albuquerque Dukes, but never played at the major league level.

Following his basketball career, in 1988, Patterson switched to his acting career. He formed the Arclight Theatre Company in Soho with John Bishop. During the late 1980s and 1990s, he appeared in some minor movies like Little Big League, Revenge of the Nerds, Her Best Move, Three Wishes, and more. In the process, he appeared alongside names like Patrick Swayze, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Lisa Darr, and Jason Robards.

Things changed dramatically when he was cast as Luke Danes in the television series Gilmore Girls. He played a character that was perfectly suited for him. He was the backward baseball cap-wearing on-again and off-again love interest of the protagonist, Lorelai Gilmore, played by Lauren Graham.

With the popularity of Gilmore Girls soaring, he scored a guest-star role in Will and Grace and Seinfeld. In 2016, he reprised his role as Luke Danes in the miniseries Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, streaming on Netflix.

In 2017, he founded a coffee company, Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee.

Quick Bio of Vera Davich

Vera Davich was born in the United States. Looking at her images, and considering the fact she got married to Scott in the 1980s, she is probably in her 50s now. Her former husband Scott Patterson was born in 1958 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Vera attended Haddonfield Memorial High School, but information about her childhood and personal life remains out of the media’s radar.

She came to the limelight when she exchanged vows with Scott, who at the time was playing baseball. The two got married in 1983. But just two years later, they got a divorce.

Vera was caught by the attention, but never revealed information about her professional life or personal life to the public.

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How She Met Scott?

Vera and Scott met in high school. They were in love during their high school days but waited to get a bit older.

Vera and Scott exchanged vows in 1983, but there are no details about the venue or the guests. Their relationship didn’t last long, as they signed for a divorce in 1985.

They do not have any children together. Following their divorce, she remained away from the media. To be honest, she was away from the media even while they were married. But following the divorce, she managed to stay even further away. Basically, vanished from showbiz.

Why did they separate?

Just two years after their union, Vera and American actor Scott Patterson announced their divorce. The split came as a major shock and surprise to fans, as they seemed fine and without any controversies.

Two years of marriage didn’t produce any offspring.

Years later, asked about the rationale for their separation, Scott said that “it is all because of immaturity”. Vera hasn’t confirmed this claim. But she leads a private life away from the media.

She has moved on with her life without Scott. We do not know whether she got married again or has any children.

The American actor, on the other hand, met his future wife Kristine Saryan in 2010 during the intermission of a play. They dated for many years before they finally tied the knot in 2014. That was the year they welcomed their son Nicholas.

Saryan appeared on Gilmore Girls two times. Once as Chrissy, Miss Patty’s dance assistant, and then as an interview subject in the 2016 limited series, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

What Does Vera Davich Do For A Living?

Vera came to the limelight when she married Scott. Before that, there is no information about her career, life, or education.

Scott started his career as a baseball pitcher before he moved on to acting.

Is She On Social Media?

As we said before, Vera tries to keep a low-key life. She is quite private about her life and has been such even when she dated Scott. Truth be told, back in the 1980s, there were no social media.

You cannot find a known profile of Vera on any social media platform, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn.

Despite her absence on these platforms, Vera’s limited appearances in Scott’s Instagram posts always garnered significant Instagram views, a testament to her enduring allure and the curiosity surrounding her private life.

Net Worth

Unlike Scott who earns a fortune thanks to his acting career, Vera is a low-key personality. There is no info regarding her net worth or salary.

On the other hand, Scott has an estimated net worth of more than $15 million. According to some sources, the main protagonists of the show, like Lauren Graham, made $750,000 per episode in 2016 for the revival. Scott might not have earned as much, but he still has a decent net worth.

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