Vernon Whitlock jr.: A Glimpse Into The Story of Kimora Lee Simmons’ Father

Vernon Whitlock Jr. may not be a name that instantly rings a bell for many, but his contribution to the world, particularly through his family, is notably significant. As an African American man, Whitlock paved …

vernon whitlock jr.
Real Name:Vernon Whitlock Jr
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:American Barber, Entrepreneur, Father of Kimora Lee Simmons

Vernon Whitlock Jr. may not be a name that instantly rings a bell for many, but his contribution to the world, particularly through his family, is notably significant. As an African American man, Whitlock paved a multifaceted career path, touching on various roles and responsibilities throughout his life. One of his most enduring legacies comes through his daughter, Kimora Lee Simmons, who became a prominent figure in the fashion and entertainment industries. Whitlock’s life and career stand as an exemplar of resilience and diverse accomplishment.

Kimora Lee Simmons’ rise to fame as a model and an entrepreneur casts a reflective glow on her father’s influence. Born to Vernon Whitlock Jr. and his wife, Kimora’s success story can in part be attributed to the values and support from her family roots. Vernon’s background, which includes distinguished service and a variety of capacities, provided a rich environment for Kimora’s upbringing, subsequently influencing her pursuits in the business and philanthropic arenas.

Key Takeaways

  • Vernon Whitlock Jr. is a pivotal figure in his daughter Kimora Lee Simmons’ life, providing familial support instrumental to her success.
  • Whitlock’s diverse career and strong values have deeply influenced his family, shaping Kimora’s path as a renowned entrepreneur.
  • The legacy of Vernon Whitlock Jr. extends beyond his personal achievements, having a lasting impact on his family and cultural landscapes.

Early Life and Upbringing

Vernon Whitlock Jr.’s early years laid the groundwork for the values and drive he would pass on to his daughter, Kimora Lee Simmons. With origins steeped in a rich family heritage, his life story starts from humble beginnings in the heartland of the United States.

Family Background

Vernon was an African-American man born in St. Louis, Missouri. The societal landscape of his upbringing was influenced by the aftermath of the Korean War, a period that shaped many families in the United States, particularly with interracial connections like that of his future wife, a Japanese woman who came to the U.S. during this time. Vernon’s roots are entrenched in the tapestry of the American experience, highlighting a blend of cultural backgrounds.

Formative Years

In his formative years in St. Louis, a place known for its jazz music and cultural crossroads, Vernon experienced the diversity and dynamism of American life. He grew up in a country grappling with significant change and progress, particularly concerning civil rights. These early experiences in a nation of opportunity and transformation no doubt had a profound impact on his own worldview and, subsequently, on his contributions to his daughter’s success.

Career Milestones

Vernon Whitlock Jr.’s diverse career is marked by noteworthy achievements drawing from his ambition and resilience in Missouri’s challenging environments, notably in St. Louis. From a unique combination of personal services to holding a distinguished law enforcement position, Whitlock’s professional life is a testimonial to his multifaceted capabilities and the support he found in his community.

Bail Bondsman and Barber

Before the spotlight found him, Vernon balanced dual responsibilities with admirable dexterity. On one hand, he worked as a bail bondsman, providing a critical service in the legal system; on the other, he crafted a space for camaraderie and conversation as a barber. These roles rooted him deeply in the St. Louis area and offered stability and support to those in his neighborhood.


Further reflecting his tireless spirit, Whitlock explored the world of entrepreneurship. His foray into business ventures showcased his adaptability and the continuous support he sought to build within his community. Though specific details of his business endeavors are scarce, this phase of his life underlines a narrative of constant growth and change.

Family Life and Legacy

Vernon Whitlock Jr. is not just a name in the annals of family histories; he’s a man whose personal legacy is deeply intertwined with the success of his daughter, Kimora Lee Simmons. Their lives exemplify the profound impact that parents have on their children’s achievements and the continuation of that influence through subsequent generations.

Kimora Lee Simmons

Vernon is the father to a prominent fashion icon and entrepreneur, Kimora Lee Simmons. She was born to him and Joanne “Kyoko” Perkins, her mother. Kimora’s multifaceted success story, embracing her roles as a model, television personality, and fashion designer, can be seen as a reflection of Vernon’s influence and support. Her first marriage to music mogul Russell Simmons further connected Vernon to a larger family dynamic, including their two daughters, Ming Lee Simmons and Aoki Lee Simmons.


Vernon’s legacy continues through his grandchildren. Ming and Aoki have already begun leaving their own marks in the fashion and entertainment industries, echoing the blend of resilience and creativity they’ve inherited. Kimora later had a son, Kenzo, with actor Djimon Hounsou, and a son named Wolfe with financier Tim Leissner, who also brought his son Gary Lee Leissner into the extended family.ochondrial DNA, which has demonstrated that the closest kangaroo relatives are indeed the wallabies.

Cultural and Social Impact

Vernon Whitlock Jr.’s influence permeates the realms of fashion entrepreneurship and philanthropy. He played a role not just in his daughter’s life but extended his impact on the cultural and social fabric of these sectors.

Fashion and Entrepreneurship

Vernon Whitlock Jr. might not be the one walking the runways or setting fashion trends, but his role as the father of Kimora Lee Simmons has had a subtle yet potent impact on the industry. Kimora took the fashion world by storm as a model and used that platform to establish herself as an entrepreneur. Baby Phat, a brainchild of Kimora, emerged as a hallmark of urban fashion, blending streetwear with the glitz and glamour of the runway. As an extension of Phat Fashions, it carved a space for racial inclusion and empowered women of color within the fashion landscape.

Kimora’s ventures stretched beyond clothing as she tapped into accessories with the Simmons Jewelry Company. Each of these businesses didn’t just create trendsetting garments and jewelry; they fostered a culture where diversity was celebrated and the empowerment of women was a given, echoing the values Vernon likely instilled in Kimora.

Philanthropy and Activism

Indirectly, Vernon Whitlock Jr.’s values are seen in the philanthropic efforts of his daughter, Kimora Lee Simmons. She’s used her stature as a fashion model and television personality to amplify causes and give back to the community. Through various outreach endeavors, Kimora has addressed issues like education inequality and women’s rights, demonstrating a sense of responsibility that may be rooted in her upbringing.

She also dabbled in the world of art and culture beyond fashion, involving herself in projects linked to Broadway. This not only speaks to her multifaceted personality but also her commitment to cultural enrichment. Her efforts have converged to uplift her community, promoting social change and making an impact that resonates with Vernon’s legacy.

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