VRAI vs. Other Lab Grown Diamond Providers: What Differentiates Them?

You researched diamonds ad nauseum and finally decided that lab-grown diamonds are economically and environmentally advantageous, and now you may be wondering which company you want to buy your bling from. What differentiates VRAI lab-grown …


You researched diamonds ad nauseum and finally decided that lab-grown diamonds are economically and environmentally advantageous, and now you may be wondering which company you want to buy your bling from. What differentiates VRAI lab-grown diamonds from others?

VRAI is even more sustainable, more charitable, and has better premium cuts than other lab-grown diamond providers. 

The rest of this article will explore VRAI and its sustainability efforts, charitable giving, and how this provider crafts diamonds to be a cut above the rest.

Sustainable Sparkles

It is not guaranteed that all lab-grown diamonds are sustainable. Even if the diamond provider used some sustainable methods, they are far from helping the climate. While other lab-grown diamond providers sometimes use sustainable methods, VRAI takes its environmental efforts a step further.

Already the VRAI lab-grown diamonds operation says it saves 250 tons of earth, 120 gallons of water, and 143 lbs of carbon dioxide released into the air due to using the CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) method to cut its diamonds rather than mining for the gems. It uses plasma reactors to crystallize greenhouse gases by adding carbon to a plasma reactor and creating a diamond in plasma.

When greenhouse gases like methane are crystallized, it saves the atmosphere from warming the planet. The company said it saves the climate in this process. The customer can feel good about reducing carbon in the atmosphere and the new ring on their finger. This is quite the added benefit.

It is no secret that lab-grown diamonds are more environmentally friendly than their mining-made counterparts, but not all providers use diamonds from a zero-emission foundry where the diamonds are sustainably grown. VRAI shines this way because its competitors may obtain carbon from fossil fuels through drilling and fracking to power their reactors. VRAI, on the other hand, is the most environmentally friendly, even achieving The CarbonNeutral Protocol, negative greenhouse gas emissions, and being the world’s first zero-emission diamond producer.

VRAI manages to uphold zero emissions with their creative use of hydropower from the Columbia River and ensures no carbon footprint is left during the process and only a luxurious gem remains.

Since it has a vertically aligned supply chain, VRAI has the advantage of knowing where every diamond sold originally comes from, starting with the plasma reactor and ending with the expert diamond cutters with whom it has excellent relationships. There are no middlemen and customers do not have to wonder where or how the diamond is made like if countries are fighting over the mining land, deforestation is happening, extra carbon emissions were produced, or if children were part of the process.

But that’s not the only way VRAI is environmentally friendly—it’s thinking about the environment regarding its employees and even the packaging. The packaging uses compressed sugarcane pulp in its processes and shipping operations use recycled and compostable materials, according to an article in PENTA. It even offers to pay carbon credits to offset the emissions of its employees.

Charitable To Its Core

In its article “Good Company: VRAI’s Sustainable Lab-Grown Diamonds,“ PENTA recently noted that VRAI is often involved in charity events. It has celebrated Earth Day by planting trees and auctioning jewelry for a children’s hospital. Several celebrities like Hailee Steinfeld, Reese Witherspoon and Camila Cabelloare on board with these environmentally friendly values and have been seen showing off these sustainable rocks in all their glamorous glory. Other global causes and social organizations it supports include women’s and Asian, and disability rights groups, childhood hunger, osteoporosis prevention, and more. It doesn’t seem that VRAI’s competitors care about so many charities in addition to the climate.

Customization And Craftsmanship

Aside from producing zero emissions and preserving the environment, VRAI prides itself in its diamonds being hand-cut and polished by artisans with decades of experience. And the attention to detail shows: VRAI’s diamonds were voted the best for premium cuts in an article by Forbes.

Customization is encouraged and customers can choose from thousands of combinations of shapes and styles. They can also design their own engagement rings. Because The Diamond Foundry creates all of its diamonds, customers know exactly what they’re getting and how it’s produced—now that’s transparency.

With lab-grown diamonds, the cuts are exquisite and the variety is unprecedented. Unlike other gem-growers, VRAI boasts everything from traditional princess cuts and oval shapes to antique shapes like the pear—17 unique shapes to be exact. That is in addition to 16 setting styles and custom-made designs. The company’s European craftsmen have refined their polishing and cutting skills to perfection and they arguably have the best cuts on the market.

Cutters and polishers still spend the time and energy as they would processing luxury mined diamonds, though other cutters from other lab-grown diamond providers spend their time getting out the rough stone which is not something VRAI does. And because VRAI only focuses on growing diamonds, their prices are the most competitive, opening up these brilliant options to more customers. Their standards are top-notch, to say the least.

We understand that diamonds are special, but VRAI lab-grown diamonds shine by being environmentally minded and charitable, and by providing their client the ultimate with premium cuts and customization experience.


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