Wall Decor That Makes the Biggest Impact on Your Home

Many additions to our homes accomplish what we’re seeking when it comes to personal expression and style and complement your home’s existing architecture. While decor includes more than what we hang on our walls, like …


Many additions to our homes accomplish what we’re seeking when it comes to personal expression and style and complement your home’s existing architecture. While decor includes more than what we hang on our walls, like houseplants, reed diffusers, and candles, and of course, our furniture style, wall hangings are an easy and beautiful way to make a strong statement. Of course, there are standard prints you can purchase from big box retailers or online, but you may be looking for something more. Keep reading for inspiration on the best wall hangings that can significantly impact at home. Or, you can check the official super plastic website to get more information on the same.

Wood Art

While you don’t have to jump on the country-chic version of wooden wall art, wood art can make a modern statement in your home that everyone will admire. The options are limitless, from your family monogram, an etching of a meaningful moment, or even using wooden shelves artfully to display photo frames and treasured pieces. Even if you’re in a modern loft-style home, wood serves its place as a beautiful decor addition.

Metal Displays

Another medium that can make a beautiful accent in your home, whether your aesthetic is full and cozy or sparse and minimalist, is implementing metal wall art in your room. Of course, these pieces are significantly heavier and need to anchor when hung; their statements are worth the effort. You can find metal wall art online, or you can commission a piece from an artist whose work you admire. Metal artwork doesn’t have a folky feel when done correctly and tastefully, and worth considering to add some texture and high design to your home.


Beautiful home decorations should all include one tapestry. A nod to another era, these are beautiful additions above a bed, in a living room, or to modernize and update a basement living room. Tapestries are intricate designs on fabric and can be hung in various ways, on a natural piece of wood, a metal rod, or even clear acrylic. They are typically rather large, so they’re statement-making and work perfectly as the only art piece in a room. Depending on your decorating style, you can opt for a minimalist tapestry or something more whimsical and colorful.

Acrylic Wall Art

Want a modern twist on hanging photo frames? Whether you fill acrylic wall art frames with famous art prints, your designs, or beloved photographs, this gorgeous decor trend is easy on the eyes. The softness of the acrylic against any paint color shows off what you intend to display and let your chosen paint color or wallpaper show through. Additionally, acrylic wall art can add an urban and modern aesthetic to older homes, the juxtaposition of which is strikingly perfect.

Botanical Prints

With so much of the world focused on sustainability and preserving the natural beauty all around us, decorating your home with botanical prints it’s not only on trend, but it can bring beautiful pops of natural color to your home period consider a wall scroll with herbs and culinary botanicals for the kitchen, mushrooms for the living room and beautiful florals for the bedroom. You’re unlimited in the number of botanical prints you can find online and the various ways to hang them on your walls. Botanical prints also typically have a vintage feel that pays homage to the mid-century modern style, so many love decorating with them these days.


While this last trend isn’t something like the rest you hang on your walls as an art piece, wallpaper hung on your walls is a beautiful way to add color and story to your home. Vintage home decor trends are having a huge resurgence, and this is one you want to take advantage of. Wallpaper has come a long way from what our grandmothers hung, with bold and modern aesthetics to choose from, though vintage florals and other styles are in trend also.

Switching out or updating the wall art in your home is an easy and quick way to completely transform a space. By considering the above options to hang on your walls, you can experience the transformation for yourself. Happy Decorating!

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