Are you considering becoming a freelancer?

For many people, the idea of working for yourself, setting your own hours, and not having to listen to your boss seems like a dream and something to which to aspire. Yet, this reality may not be as far-fetched as you think.

Every day, 29% of the American workforce wakes up, makes a cup of coffee, and answers to no one but themselves. Even more people supplement their full-time income with additional freelance work. The study that produced these numbers estimated most workers will do some degree of freelance work by 2027.

As such, freelancer resources are needed. What do you need to get started as a freelancer?

Let’s go into some resources for starting a new career below. Keep reading to learn more!

Top Freelancer Resources

If you’ve decided to take the leap and become a freelancer, you’re probably a mix of nervous and excited. You eagerly want to dive into your boss-free life, but you also long to know whether or not it will work out.

Many freelancers thrive in their careers, but it helps to start off in the right way. To do this, you need to know which freelancer resources are available to you, and how you should utilize them.

Freelance Job Websites

As a freelancer, your finances will depend on whether or not you procure work.

Fortunately, the demand for freelancers is extremely high. After all, many organizations need professional work done but don’t want to have to hire someone full-time. In these events, they go looking for freelancers to complete the job.

But how do they find workers? Many go on websites designed to match freelance workers to potential employers. These platforms include Upwork and Fiverr, which allow freelancers to make profiles on their websites.

These profiles include a list of their services and qualifications, along with ratings from clients.

Future employers then peruse these sites and find people who are qualified to do their work.

Job Boards

Did you know employers also advertise freelance jobs on job boards that also feature full-time positions?

Glassdoor, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter are hubs for people looking for all types of workers. If you need to gain clients, look through these websites for people needing workers with your qualifications, and apply.

This constitutes an excellent approach to making good connections within your field and gaining loyal clients. For certain positions, the employer may even have ongoing work for you!

Accounting Software

Most businesses have accountants on hand to help with all of their financial needs.

Yet, unless you provide freelance accounting services, you probably don’t have one for your business, and you can’t afford to hire someone. That’s where accounting software comes in.

Companies such as QuickBooks have made software that helps freelancers keep track of their finances. This ensures your business thrives and helps you during tax season by keeping careful records of your expenses and income.

Create pay stub conveniently for your tax purposes today!

Ready to Start Freelancing?

So, are you ready to get into the world of freelancing?

Many find successful careers in freelancing. With the freelancer resources listed above, you’ll be ready to launch your dream, work-from-wherever-whenever job.

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