Water Cremation vs Direct Cremation: What You Need To Know

Traditionally, cremation and funeral services would include a memorial for a loved one, but mainly due to COVID-19 this year. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. Families now navigate honouring their loved ones while …


Traditionally, cremation and funeral services would include a memorial for a loved one, but mainly due to COVID-19 this year. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. Families now navigate honouring their loved ones while dealing with the minimal number of people allowed to gather for this occasion.

Considering these restrictions, few options are available, but cremation services can still take place respectfully and lovingly.

Direct cremations in the UK are the most traditional form, with the body cremated accompanied by a staff member. However, water creations are becoming more popular as they are considered more economical, using water to complete the service instead of the traditional methods.

Direct cremations – The Traditional Route

While planning a funeral or memorial service for a loved one is an already stressful and emotional time, it is something that eventually all families have to go through. Added to this is the unforeseen stress of organising a service for a loved one during a pandemic.

Therefore, booking a direct cremation in the UK with plans for a memorial service at a later date, where all family members and friends can attend, may alleviate some of this pressure.

This difficult time may have caused financial hardship for some. Therefore a low-cost direct cremation might be the most appropriate.

Having a direct cremation in the UK means that no family or friends are present for the cremation itself. Instead, a private ambulance is used as transportation to the crematorium, and a staff member will accompany to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Following the cremation, the ashes can be scattered in the crematorium’s garden of remembrance or returned to family or friends.

Water Cremation – The Economical Route

Water cremations, otherwise known as alkaline hydrolysis, are being introduced in the UK as an alternative to traditional cremation methods. These services entail a process where hot water is used to speed up the body’s natural decomposition, break down the tissue, and redistribute the water into filtered streams. The remains are then turned into ash and, similar to traditional cremations, can be scattered or returned to the family.

Water cremations are already available in the US, and authorities in the UK are pushing for the same while ensuring that the service is performed safely.

Water cremations produce a third less greenhouse gas than traditional cremation services and use a seventh of the energy, making it the most efficient type of cremation.

The process could be considered more natural, with the organic flow of water used gently to decompose the body instead of a fire’s harshness. Not only is it more eco-friendly, but it is also similar in price to direct cremations in the UK, which means that this service will be a great alternative accessible to anyone.

For families considering a direct cremation but who might be looking for a more ecological alternative, a water cremation is likely the answer. As these services are still carried out with the utmost respect for the loved one who is being honoured but are less impactful on the planet

For years, methods of cremation have been quite limited with regards to being financially accessible. Now, direct cremations in the UK offer some of the most affordable options for respectful and caring ways to say goodbye to a loved one.

Choosing How To Celebrate Your Loved One

Especially during COVID-19, with many families unable to attend the memorial service itself, a direct cremation allows for close family members to honour their loved one, with the option to hold a memorial service for larger groups at a later date.

And with water cremations becoming steadily more popular overseas, this option may soon be readily available in the UK as we follow other nations’ suit. This will provide another respectful way for families to celebrate and cherish their loved ones and is an accessible alternative to traditional direct cremations in the UK.

However, both direct cremation services and water cremations are more affordable for a broader range of families. They provide respectful services for families who do not wish to hold a traditional funeral for their loved one.

In this way, these services still allow families to honour and celebrate their loved ones but without the expense that hosting a traditional funeral at a funeral home brings, which for many is the main reason that alternative methods of honouring loved ones are required.

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