Ways To Have A Comfortable Sleep

Comfortable sleep depends on the sleeping position you choose. Along with these, the selection of mattresses also matters. Sleep is very important to provide full relaxation to your body and to help you wake up …


Comfortable sleep depends on the sleeping position you choose. Along with these, the selection of mattresses also matters.

Sleep is very important to provide full relaxation to your body and to help you wake up with a refreshing mood. But what if you do not get a good sleep! Yes, you are right. You will feel lethargic the whole day. To avoid such laziness in your body, you must work on it to get  comfortable sleep. Many reasons can affect your sleep and among all the reasons, the major one is the type of bed you are selecting to sleep in. There are several mattress beds available in the market that can confuse you which one to choose. But go for the one that can relax your body, fit your body shape and size, and can give you a comfortable sleep.

Normal people, especially the couples select Full size beds for their rooms but if you are single or have limited space in your room, then you can go for single size beds like the Twin XL. Both these sizes are also suitable for smaller bedrooms and studio apartments.  For those confused between the twin xl vs full ,both these sizes are perfect for smaller bedrooms. For added information, Twin XL beds are the standard twin size and are perfect for the taller children who need extra room for adjusting their legs. Adults with smaller living space can also use this bed. These bed sizes are also mostly used in school dorms and hostels. The approx dimension of this bed size is about 30 inches by 80 inches.

Full size beds, on the other hand, are also known as double beds and are mostly used by the teenagers and also the single adults who have small space in their bedroom. They are also great for the guest rooms and are of the dimensions of 56 inches by 75 inches. Overall, the  full-size mattress is 16-inch wider as compared to twin xl. Be smart and select the best one for yourself.

Effective Tips For A Comfy Sleep

If you want to get a comfortable sleep then there are certain tips provided by the experts that you should follow. Here are some effective ones:

Right Mattress

According to Sleep Advisor, If you feel uncomfortable while sleeping then it’s time to buy some new and good mattress that can help you deal with sleeplessness. People face several problems while sleeping, although not all can be solved, still some of the issues can be avoided just by changing the mattress. Back pain, night sweats etc are some basic issues that can be solved easily by replacing the old mattress with the new one.

How To Choose The Right Mattress

The very first thing you should do is to understand why you are not getting proper sleep. Whether the issue lies with your uncomfortable mattress or something else. If it is because of the mattress, then it’s time you shop for a new one. Here are some tips for you to get hold of a good mattress:

  • Understand your problems and then explain it to the shopkeeper. For ex- if you are having back pain while sleeping then ask for a mattress trial that would help you understand if that mattress is appropriate for you or not.
  • Select the one according to your body shape and size. However, you are bound to get confused but you have the liberty and right to make queries to the shopkeeper to explain to you the uniqueness among the different mattresses. Providing genuine information about several types of mattresses ’ quality and specialty comes under their sales process and thus you should not hesitate to clarify any query that comes to your mind while making a purchase.
  • Some of the famous mattress sizes that are mostly used are Twin XL, split king, queen bed, full bed, etc. Twin XL beds are for the single people whereas split kings are two separate twin xl beds into one frame and placed together. They are made for couples with different sleep needs. Now if asked what is the difference between split king vs twin xl, twin xl mattresses are ideal for the growing teens as well as the taller adults. They are of 38 inches by 80 inches and are mostly used in college dorms, high school hostels and also in guest rooms. 

Split king mattresses are normal king size mattresses that are divided into half. They are for the couples whose sleep needs are different and they can accordingly adjust and customise their side of their bed. Both the partners get an equal personal area of 38 inches by 80 inches and is considered a hit as each of the partners can use their side independently without annoying the other. Another catch in a split king is that two or more people can sleep together which is not possible in twin xl beds.  

  • The innerspring of the mattress also affects the hard and soft nature of the mattress. Go for the one which is neither too soft nor too hard for a comfortable rest.


Along with the correct mattress, bedsheets also play an important role in providing you a good and comfortable sleep. Pick the best cotton or linen bed sheets. Choose the one with a thread count between 200 to 400 as they are proved to be more soft and breathable. Along with that, try maintaining the bedsheets by washing them often according to given directions.


A soft, comfy pillow is good for cuddling and sleeping. It is also good for supporting your neck when you sleep. It also prevents headaches and numbness. It maintains your sleeping position. It is advised to replace your pillow after every 188 months as it can trap dust mites, mold, pollen, etc.


Cleaning the mattress and bed sheets is good as it will provide you a good feeling while you sleep. Even you can clean the whole bedroom to get positive vibes while sleeping.

Sleep With No Disturbances

If you want to take an undisturbed sleep then keep your phone on silent mode, disable the alarm clock or any other gadgets that may create a loud noise.

Sleeping Position 

The sleeping position of every person differs from the other. You can select the one where you can sleep comfortably. Sleep in a way that cannot strain your head, neck, or back. There are multiple sleeping positions but if you are sleeping on the one that hurts your body then try changing it.

Comfortable Clothes

If you want to take a comfortable sleep then select the clothes in which you feel comfortable. Cotton night suits are always the best. Loose-fitting clothes are also a good choice.

How to choose the best mattress

As we have discussed the mattress plays a very important role in providing you a good sleep. Here are some basic tips that you should know while buying a new mattress. Check out:

  • Know the bedroom dimension and then select the size of the mattress that can fit into the room easily.
  • Make sure how many people are going to sleep on the bed.
  • Budget is the first thing that you should consider while making any purchase.
  • Buy the mattress that can fit your bed size.
  • Check the height, body shape, and size, and then select the mattress so that you don’t feel uncomfortable while sleeping.

The Bottom Line

A night of good and comfortable sleep is a necessity of our body. So, if you are not getting a good sleep then you must try the tricks and tips explained to get an undisturbed sleep and wake up with a refreshing mood. 

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