Wedding Gift Etiquette: How Guests Can Prepare For Their Loved One’s Big Day

Attending a wedding is such a fun occasion, especially if the bride or groom is very dear to you. As you count down the days to the event, you might start wondering how you can …


Attending a wedding is such a fun occasion, especially if the bride or groom is very dear to you. As you count down the days to the event, you might start wondering how you can prepare for the big day. Make no mistake, planning and executing a wedding can take a whole village and so there are many things you can do to prepare for the big day. Every wedding looks different so today we will look at some ways in which you can support your loved ones so that their wedding is exactly how they dream it to be – starting with fabulous wedding gifts!

Giving the perfect wedding gift

One of the easiest and most practical ways to prepare for a wedding is to find the perfect wedding gift. If the couple is starting to set up their lives together, they may value items that can make your house a home and save them from having to buy those big-ticket items themselves.

If they already have a beautiful and established home together, then a wedding gift that celebrates the finer things in life might be a great idea. You could gift a flight to a destination they haven’t visited, or perhaps a voucher to the best restaurant in the city so they can enjoy a fantastic meal and the finest wines. Resist the natural urge to get something generic and safe and buy something that will truly kickstart their future.

Wedding gift or a wishing well?

There is a growing trend towards having a wishing well at a wedding. The wishing well is essentially when a couple requests money over a wedding gift so they can use that to set up their lives together. If the couple is requesting a wishing well, it will typically say so on the invite, but there is no harm in asking if money is what they really prefer. Needless to say, a financial donation is a far easier gift to give and it is usually easier for the couple to use. It also reduces the risk of guests giving the same gift and the couple having to either exchange that gift or just live with two toasters. The couple might feel bad asking for money so if they do express that this is their preference you can always communicate that to the guest list.

The gift of planning and preparation

As exciting as weddings can be, they are not without the stress. The couple has so many decisions to make and details to iron out that planning and preparation can become more of a chore than a joy the closer they get to the big day. Put your hand up to help out with any task they need so you can relieve some of the pressure – this is truly the best wedding gift of all! Maybe they just need some logistical support for getting hired items to the venue, or maybe you can offer your expertise if you have a creative side or something that can make their wedding day more special.

If the couple is pretty on top of their wedding planning, let them know that you can still help out on the day and herd family to the photography sessions, support the MC, and any other tasks they might require.

Be available for collecting gifts

Depending on where your loved ones choose to tie the knot is going to influence how much work there is to do the day after. It is great wedding etiquette to head back down to the venue and collect all the wedding gifts so that they make their way to the couple. Be sure to tell them ahead of time that you will look after the gifts and ask their preference of whether they want to have the gifts on the night, the next day, or sent to their home. If they are leaving for their honeymoon immediately, then you may have to take the wedding gifts home with you.

Be organised, punctual and available on the day of and after the wedding

It might not be your wedding but that doesn’t mean you can’t be incredibly organised for the big day. Once again, support like this is the best gift of all! That means having your outfit ready to go the night before, the gift is wrapped and ready to make its way to the gift table, and have your plans sorted for the day after. If this is a destination wedding and you are staying in a hotel, then it is even more critical that you were organised and punctual. Perhaps you can make plans with other guests for the day after so that the couple simply needs to roll out of bed and head down to join the greater party. If you were organised and punctual then any last-minute details or issues can be looked after by you – allowing your loved ones to relax into the excitement of their wedding day.


We hope you have a better understanding of how you can support your loved ones on their special day, and what kind of gift you think is best for the couple. Support in planning and preparation is truly one of the greatest gifts of all, so don’t be shy in offering your help!

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