It wasn’t that long ago that adults told kids that video games were a useless pastime. After all, they reasoned, you’d never make any money by playing a game!

But, the world has changed drastically since those days. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch allow people to make their living by playing games for others to see. Now, there are blockchain games that let you earn money by playing them.

You may wonder, “What are blockchain games?” If so, you’re not alone. These recent developments are a mystery to many, even as they gain popularity.

Fortunately, we can answer all of your questions in the guide below! Read on to learn about the best blockchain games available.

What Are Blockchain Games?

Blockchain games use computer networks called blockchains that decentralize their network control. All this means is that no single company has control over the game data, such as Google or Amazon.

Instead, several computers across the planet contribute to these networks and earn rewards for their efforts. So, one person can’t shut down the network.

Blockchain games, or crypto games, use this technology for aspects of their gaming experiences. Using this blockchain allows gamers to earn money and ownership of real-world assets in the game.

How Blockchain Browser Games Work

Blockchain games work similarly to many other online games. They come in different scopes; some are full-scale MMORPGs like this crypto game, while others are more simplified.

Each of these has one factor in common, though. They utilize the blockchain to allow users to earn real-world assets through gameplay.

Usually, this comes from buying and selling prizes and items. Many console games allow you to purchase new skins or upgrades with fiat currencies or crypto assets. These games do the same.

But, crypto games also allow you to sell prizes and items for crypto assets with other players. This way, the game uses the blockchain similarly to crypto exchanges. The blockchain keeps the transaction anonymous and sends the assets to your crypto wallet.

Types of Crypto Games

There are three main types of crypto games online: minimal, medium, and maximal blockchain games. We’ll cover each of these in this section.

Minimal crypto games use the blockchain to govern ownership of assets. This ownership means the blockchain only stores the assets you acquire through the game.

In contrast, medium games allow for ownership and economic contribution. This upgraded ownership means that users can also generate assets on the blockchain. Once you generate the asset, you can store it in your crypto wallet.

Alternatively, you can sell this asset to other players in the game. For example, you may generate a unique sword that you can sell for a set value to other gamers.

Finally, there are maximal crypto games. These games have their entire gameplay built into the blockchain. Every node verifies the moves a gamer makes.

Discover Your Top Blockchain Games Today!

If you were wondering, “what are blockchain games?” we hope you found an answer! These games allow you to monetize your gaming experience, giving you hours of fun and real-world value.

So, browse the Internet to find your top blockchain games today. Before long, you’ll enjoy a new gaming experience and acquire valuable crypto assets.

We hope you enjoyed this article! If so, check out some of the game types we discussed today.