What are the Benefits of Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds have somewhat taken the backseat lately. Feminized and “auto” seeds are the new wave and it’s not hard to see why. Unlike regular seeds with an equal chance of producing male and …


Regular cannabis seeds have somewhat taken the backseat lately. Feminized and “auto” seeds are the new wave and it’s not hard to see why. Unlike regular seeds with an equal chance of producing male and female plants, feminized seeds have been modified to produce female plants 99% of the time.

The premise for feminized seeds is understandable. Most growers plant cannabis for the THC content in the flower buds, so they need as much female yield as possible. However, regular cannabis seeds should not be thrown out, they still have an important role to play in the genetic preservation of the cannabis plant.

What are Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are produced naturally by the cannabis plant. And as such, have fair chances of developing into either male or female plants. Cannabis is a dioecious plant, and the male species suffer as a result. The plant is grown primarily for the THC content stored in its flowers. Since male cannabis plants don’t produce flowers and are pollen-bearing instead, they are often uprooted from the field, and priority is given to female plants.

What are Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds on the other hand have been modified to favor the female species of the cannabis plant. The female plants are induced to grow male pollen sacs which then fertilize other female plants in the field. So, male cannabis plants are not involved at all during feminized production. Just female plants fertilizing each other. Feminized seeds, and there are varieties of marijuana seeds are more popular among commercial cannabis growers.

Benefits of Regular Cannabis

Although feminized seeds seem more lucrative, regular seeds are not without immense benefits. They include:

Develop your strain

With regular seeds, you can experiment by breeding hybrid generations. You could develop never-seen-before varieties and strains that wouldn’t be possible with already modified seeds. Also, as a newbie, it’s easier to purchase, grow and maintain regular cannabis plants. When you work your way around regular seeds, you’d completely understand the cannabis growth cycle and how to properly care for the plant before investing in other modified seeds.

Better genetics and Clones

Regular seeds are an embodiment of what “was” before feminization. You can always recover older or forgotten genetic traits through regular seeds. Also, regular cannabis seeds produce better clones than feminized seeds. Cloning allows you to replicate the morphological features of any plant of your choice. That is, if you like the color, height, or flavor of a particular plant, you can make its exact genetic copy through cloning.

Stronger female plants

Female cannabis plants usually grow tougher after the removal of their male counterparts on a regular field. They become more resistant to drought, stress, photoperiodic fluctuations, and other growth issues. In the long run, regular seeds have a higher chance of survival.

Better breeders 

With regular seeds, you can always secure cuttings for asexual reproduction towards the next planting season. Regular cuttings can handle stress and would perform better than feminized plant cuttings. According to findings by Herbies, regular cannabis seeds are particularly favored by cannabis breeders.

Be Part of The Solution

Since regular seeds are produced naturally, they are much safer than modified feminized seeds. During feminization, female cannabis plants are often sprayed with chemicals (colloidal silver) to make them develop male pollen sacs. In a world ridden with so many chemicals already, you may be a part of the solution by opting for regular seeds instead.

Wrapping Up

Although both regular and modified seeds have their perks and cons, your optimum choice should depend solely on your planting objectives. If you’re looking to be more of a traditional breeder, then regular seeds are your best bet. However, both regular and feminized seeds are staples in commercial THC production.

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