What Do Soul Ties In A Relationship Mean?

In the age of the internet, relationships come in all shapes and forms. You’ve got casual relationships, friends-with-benefits, and countless other situationships as well. One such dynamic is a soul tie, meaning when you literally …


In the age of the internet, relationships come in all shapes and forms. You’ve got casual relationships, friends-with-benefits, and countless other situationships as well. One such dynamic is a soul tie, meaning when you literally feel like your soul is connected to someone else’s. Sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it? It is. But it has it’s drawbacks too.

As is the case with most other dynamics, soul ties come with their fair share of complications. In a nutshell, it’s not the most secure kind of attachment and has the potential to send you on a downward spiral.

How exactly do such relationships work? Are they bound to fail, or can they be as enigmatic as they sound? More importantly, how are they formed and how can you tell if you’re in one? Let’s answer all your burning questions.

Soul Ties Meaning In A Relationship

Let’s now understand the soul ties meaning in a relationship. A “soul tie” is used to describe the intense connection a person feels with another and is said to develop after intercourse. It’s a sort of bond that feels much deeper, much more divine, and a lot more obsessive than other relationships in your life.

As you can probably tell by the name, it’s an intertwining of the souls that leaves two people feeling connected with each other, though it’s possible for it to be one-sided or toxic in nature as well.

Put simply, the soul ties tell us that once you have intercourse with someone, you feel linked and bonded with them. Of course, it doesn’t happen with everyone you have intercourse with. The people in a soul tie may have been part of the same soul family or may have an important part to play in each other’s lives.

In romantic relationships, such feelings usually result in obsessive and sometimes even manic tendencies toward each other. There may not be any personal space in the relationship, boundaries may be ignored, and they’re going to feel the euphoric emotional bond with each other that drives such behavior.

Such dynamics have the potential to be one-sided and toxic. You might end up developing a soul tie with someone who isn’t good for you, does not have the same core values as you, or is a negative presence in your life.

If you’ve got doubts about your own relationship being a soul tie, the signs of a soul tie can help clear things out for you.

Signs Of A Soul Tie Relationship

Since soul ties can be healthy or very toxic, it’s important to understand if your relationship qualifies as one. Once you do, it’ll be easier to figure out what your next steps should be. If the following signs resonate with your dynamic, you’ve definitely got something cosmic going on:

1. A puzzling, strong, and profound connection with someone

Of course, every relationship makes you feel connected to someone, but in a soul tie connection, the link is unlike anything you’ve felt before. You feel incomplete without this person, and you “need” them around to feel normal.

This person feels familiar to you, as though you’ve known them all your life. As a result, you feel a sort of comfort with them that allows you to be yourself, and you feel more than just emotionally bonded with them.

2. The relationship makes you act in extremes

With such a strong emotional connection, your reactions are naturally going to be heightened too. When you’re having an argument, you’re going to feel anger like you’ve never felt before. When you’re intrigued by this person, you’re going to want to know everything about them to satisfy your curiosity.

The point is, everything you do is now dialed up by a hundred. You feel love and other intentions a lot more intensely, and that can get exhausting after a while.

3. It all feels spiritual and new

The relationship firsts that you have with this person will all make you think that you’ve never felt anything like this before, and everything is going to feel like a new experience. Even if it’s just spending a night with your partner, the heightened emotions you feel will make you believe that you’ve never felt this strongly for a person before.

Do not confuse it with the honeymoon phase of every relationship, however. Such tendencies continue long past the honeymoon phase in soul ties. Thoughts of your partner crowd your mind constantly, and you rarely ever find yourself not thinking about them, even after the “new relationship” thrill wears off.

Being in a soul tie can be a riveting experience, but it’s also prone to toxicity. If you find yourself in one, make sure you’re careful with how you approach it or break it. At the end of the day, make sure that the basic fundamentals of respect, love, support and trust are present in your relationship.

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