You’re not the only guy who has dreamed of growing a thick, bushy beard! Beards have become super trendy in the UK recently and they show no signs of falling out of fashion. With various trends and styles to choose from, you have a lot to think about when preparing your beard. But if you’re struggling to achieve the growth that you desire, Sons’ Beard Booster might just be the product to change your fortunes. We take a look at the Beard Booster in detail below.

What is Sons’ Beard Booster cream made from?

One of the key ingredients in Sons’ Beard Booster is a topical Minoxidil solution that is central to stimulating the growth of your beard. Clinically proven to stimulate the growth of damaged hair follicles, Minoxidil can give a much-needed boost to thin strands of hair on your face and helps you grow a beard that you will love!

What’s the aim of Sons’ Beard Booster?

If you have noticed bald patches or irregular growth in your facial hair, it’s likely that you’re struggling to grow the full and bushy beard that you so desire. The presence of Minoxidil in Sons’ Beard Booster targets the areas of your facial hair that you’re struggling with and stimulates hair growth. How does it work? Well, Minoxidil dilates blood vessels that transport nutrient-rich blood to your hair follicles, providing the perfect conditions for them to thrive once again. What’s more, consistently using Minoxidil extends the growth phase of the overall cycle. Ultimately, this is what helps you grow thicker facial hair.

How beard growth cream should be used

Sons delivers your beard growth cream directly to your door in a discreet package, so you can get to work right away on improving the growth of your beard. Get started by applying the Beard Booster solution to your skin, paying particular attention to the areas that require some additional stimulation. The most important thing to remember if you want to see results is consistency, so incorporate your treatment into your daily routine. It’s best to apply the cream once in the morning and then again in the evening.

When will you see the results?

Minoxidil gets to work on your hair right away, although it will take anywhere between 1-3 months of application until you start seeing some decent results. After four months, the thicker hairs will have taken over the patches and you should start to see significant improvements in your beard growth. Everyone reacts differently to medication, but with a routine application, Sons’ Beard Booster will help you grow a thicker, denser beard.

There has never been a better time to work on the thickness and health of your facial hair. Sons’ Beard Booster is a clinically proven application and is likely to deliver the results you desire. Be sure to check out Sons’ website if you have any further questions about Minoxidil or any of their products.