Any addiction, whether drug, alcohol, or gambling is primarily a mental addiction. Getting rid of it is not so easy. A person develops a dependent behavior model and stable reflexes. The usual techniques and long classes on psychocorrection do not always give the desired result.

Ibogaine therapy refers to alternative methods of treating various addictions. A short-term course can fundamentally change a person’s consciousness, help to consciously understand internal problems, leave behind alcohol and drug addictions, and gambling. While ibogaine itself has no addicting effect.

About ibogaine

Ibogaine is a natural psychoactive substance (iboga root extract), which for many centuries has been used for medicinal and ritual purposes in West Africa.

The substance in small doses acts as a stimulant – removes fatigue, enhances energy. If the dosage is higher, a person gets an effect that resembles a dream during wakefulness – he sees vivid dreams and memories previously supplanted by the subconscious.

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