What lies beneath?

We all know that sleeping should be a mindful, relaxing experience and that drifting off should feel like floating on a cloud to the land of nod. But do you know what’s underneath that shiny …


We all know that sleeping should be a mindful, relaxing experience and that drifting off should feel like floating on a cloud to the land of nod. But do you know what’s underneath that shiny mattress outer layer? Can you sleep easy knowing that 7.5 million mattresses end up in landfill after they’ve served their purpose? What would you say to counting sheep on a mattress made of pure organic sheep’s wool grown organically here in the UK?

Are you clued up on what sustainability means while you’re all tucked up?

Sustainability, what does it mean?

Harrison Spinks are one such firm that have stepped up to the plate in the sustainability stakes, and they also rear some very cute sheep who have helped make this dream possible.

Because of the negative effect it has on the environment the company use sustainable fillings and grow nearly 800 tonnes of natural fibre fillings for their mattresses each year. By farming their own materials and manufacturing their own components the company have been able to save more than 1300 tonnes of CO2 every year.

Later this year Harrison Spinks will launch a fully sustainable, glue-free spring system which will be a global first. This means is that they can produce a mattress that is 100% recyclable good news for planet lovers everywhere.

Sleepeezee is another brand who knows that their customers are as conscious about the environment as they are and that’s why they’ve also been leading the way when it comes to sustainable practices in the manufacturing industry.

From reducing their carbon footprint and supporting initiatives designed to limit their reliance on fossil fuels, to responsibly sourcing materials and investing in their regeneration, they are committed to making a difference.

Sleepeezee are also proudly the first UK mattress manufacturer to receive the Planet Mark accreditation having drastically reduced their carbon emissions, energy and water consumption including the Cool Earth protection of an acre of rainforest that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change.

The Planet Mark recognises outstanding achievements and actions in organisations who are helping to stop climate change.

Seeing a world where we are all responsible for our actions in making a greener planet is important to the brand and this support will continue into the future.

What is an organic mattress?

Both organic and natural mattresses use natural materials, but organic mattresses have had at least some of those materials certified as having been grown, harvested, and manufactured according to organic guidelines. If purchasing a natural or organic mattress is important to you, it’s advisable to look closely at the mattress’s construction and consider any certifications it may have received.

Responsible mattress manufacturers will often divulge their sourcing, as well as what elements of their mattress are natural and which, if any, are synthetic. Organic mattresses may use organic materials like silk, cotton, wool and latex.

Organic also means that any spring coils aren’t coated in chemicals, and most eco-friendly memory foam mattresses are also made from latex, which is the sap of the rubber tree.

What are the main benefits of an organic sleep experience?

  • Allergy free mattresses help to reduce the effects of allergy triggers including dust mites, mould and bacteria for a healthy nights’ sleep
  • Mattresses are foam and chemical treatment free
  • You get a purer sleep experience
  • Made with enhanced breathability for a safer sleep

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