Hublot watches are world-renowned for their high-performance capabilities and innovative designs that truly stand out from the crowd. One of the most unique and sought-after collections of Hublot watches is the Square Bang, which really pushes the boundaries when it comes to style and technology.

Here, we explore what makes Hublot’s Square Bang series special and sought after among collectors and watch enthusiasts.

Unique style

As the name suggests, Hublot Square bang watches feature a unique square case that sits confidently on the wrist. The design is unapologetically big and bold, with large case details that provide a sleek and modern look.

This is a completely new shape for Hublot – who’s daring and innovative spirit really shine through with this design. The brand had to rethink how to incorporate the round mechanisms into a square case, which we believe they have mastered with the Square Bang collection.

Impressive design

Hublot Square Bang watches are renowned for their superior craftsmanship and design. Each model proudly showcases the inner workings of the watch, including the iconic Unico movement.

This is Hublot’s own chronograph movement that was designed to be different, featuring a double coupling system and column-wheel which is visible at the 6 o’clock marker. The Unico movement has 354 components and an impressive 72-hour power reserve.

Robust materials

Hublot put functionality and durability at the forefront of their designs – and the Square Bang collection is no different. Each model is meticulously crafted using the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and durability for wearers.

Materials such as high-tech ceramic and titanium are used, due to their strength and resilience. Straps are available in a range of premium materials, such as leather and rubber, and hands are plated with rhodium or gold depending on the model.

The Art of Fusion

When Hublot first combined a rubber strap with a gold case in 1980, the “Art of Fusion” was born. This is now the brand’s signature concept, which see’s high-quality materials and compounds combined to create revolutionary new materials.

We see the Art of Fusion at work in some of the Square Bang models, which utilise Hublot’s new King Gold alloy. This is a warmer tone than its 18k gold counterpart and is made up largely of platinum, which makes it ideal for a satin finish.

Thanks to their innovative use of materials, their impeccable design and unique movements, Hublot watches are regarded as some of the best timekeepers in the world. The Square Bang collection really lives up to expectation, offering timepieces that are both flawless in construction and visually impressive.