Despite the flexibility available regarding modern-day weddings, there will always be some form of etiquette that needs to be followed by those in attendance.

Those who attend weddings frequently may feel comfortable when choosing a new outfit. However, those with little experience in choosing wedding attire will often be searching for some guidance to ensure they avoid a fashion faux pas when celebrating the union of a happy couple.

If you want to ensure that your wedding attendance is fun and stress-free, you will find the following tips beneficial when searching for wedding outfits.

Take Some Time to Double-Check the Invitation

Although checking the invite can seem like a simple step, the excitement of attending the wedding of friends or loved ones can mean some of the details are overlooked at first glance. Taking some time to check the invitation should be the first port of all when deciding on a wedding outfit.

Even if there is no information regarding the dress code, the design of the invitation itself could be a good indication of the theme. Being more aware of expectations allows you to shortlist potential outfits and find the perfect outfit in plenty of time.

Avoid White Dresses

Although every wedding is different, a common theme among many is that the bride wears a white dress.  Although the avoidance of white is something that many people are aware of, it is a point reinforcing for those attending a wedding as a guest for the first time.

Of course, there can be exceptions depending on the couple’s wishes, but white should always be avoided unless stated otherwise. Avoiding white among wedding guests ensures the focus is not shifted away from the happy couple.

As well as avoiding white, those searching for an outfit should also avoid similar tones like champagne and ivory. Should you struggle to find the perfect dress, Dancing Leopard has an array of wedding guest dresses with bright and vibrant colours and prints suitable for both summer and winter weddings.

Don’t Go Too Casual

Some couples may want to help guests relax by having a simple theme regarding attire, but it is still important that the outfit chosen fits the theme of the wedding.

Casual does not mean opting for denim and sneakers, but rather stylish attire that allows for some freedom and relaxation. For example, those attending a wedding in the summer will want an outfit that is light and comfortable.

If you are unsure of what attire to opt for, it could be beneficial to speak to others planning to attend the wedding. As well as giving you a better idea of what type of styles to look for, it can also help ensure you strike the right balance when choosing an outfit.

Don’t Opt for Skimpy Outfits

While there is nothing wrong with showing off your skin during the summer months, the outfit chosen mustn’t be deemed skimpy.

What is considered revealing can be subjective, but choosing something light and vibrant instead of revealing tops or bottoms ensures you can enjoy the day without causing distraction or dismay among other guests.

Finding the right outfit that meets the expectations of everyone can be difficult at times, but taking some time to double-check the details and following the steps listed ensures that you can shortlist your selection and find the perfect outfit for a wedding.