Are you about to commit yourself to a drug rehab facility for the first time? Are you overwhelmed and unsure of what to expect? If yes, don’t worry. You should know, first of all, that you are taking the right first step back to sobriety.

Recovering from drug addiction is no walk in the park, that’s perhaps the first thing you should know about it. It will be uncomfortable and inconvenient, and in some ways, even embarrassing. But this discomfort and inconvenience are precisely what will finally get your life back, and maybe even lead you to something much better. Read on to learn more about the things that you can expect in a drug rehab facility.

Evaluation and Assessment

The first thing you’ll undergo is the evaluation and assessment. Through here, the doctors can determine what kind of programs can help you best in your situation. They can also figure out what medications to prescribe to you, if necessary. If they do prescribe medication, know that these will all be strictly controlled. More often than not, these assisted medications are for managing anxiety and depression, especially during the withdrawal period.

Withdrawal Treatment

Speaking of which, withdrawal is the official first step of your rehabilitation program. After you’ve been assessed and evaluated, you will be transferred to your room. Depending on the setup, you can be in a dorm-like facility, a shared room, or a private one.

Regardless of the type of room you get, withdrawal is going to be a testy experience, for sure. Those who have experienced withdrawals, they will tell you that it is one of the toughest things they’ve experienced, and that’s because it is.

Withdrawal symptoms may occur within the first 24 hours, depending on how heavily reliant you are on the substance. Symptoms could present as a headache, nausea, mood changes, and intense cravings. In more extreme cases, it could present with heavy fever and chills, hallucinations, and even psychosis. It can be because of this wide range of symptoms that it becomes all the more crucial that you undergo withdrawal under safe guidance inside a rehab facility.

Counseling and Therapies

Depending on your evaluation, you could have counseling sessions designed to address specifically the issues you carry with you that could explain your addictive behavior. However, apart from individual sessions, you can also expect to have group therapies.

This is because the reformation you seek from the facility should be holistic. As such, you are not only re-learning how to deal with your emotions, but also how to be around others in social settings. It’s also been found that having people that can relate to you can also be beneficial for one’s recovery from addiction. That’s because you’ll realize that you’re not alone in this experience after all.

More than simply helping you become sober, a rehab facility can also help you be equipped with the techniques and knowledge on how to deal with emotions properly, which can then help you with your interaction with people around you.