The Covid pandemic caused many people to work from home. This lifestyle change had a huge effect on millions of people. Not having to go into an office meant not having to adhere to a dress code. As people are now returning to regular life, this is no longer the case. So how should one clothe themselves in the post-covid workplace?

A colourful cotton shirt

What kind of shirt were you wearing during the pandemic while working from home? Possibly something very casual that wouldn’t be appropriate for the workplace. As you return to employment what should you wear? A colourful cotton shirt might be the answer. It will be both comfortable and presentable.

Jeans paired with an oversized blazer

Now that people have returned to work, they probably will find a balance between casual and formal in their style of dress. What is the best way to do this? The sweatpants and t-shirts that can be worn at home probably won’t suffice. The chances are an oversized blazer and jeans will.

Comfortable dresses paired with pumps or boots

Many women are probably able to wear robes and slippers while working from home. How can you as a woman maintain that comfort upon returning to the office? One suggestion would be to pair comfortable dresses with pumps or boots.

Paper bag ladies’ trousers

The most comfortable option for women while not having to go to the office could have been sweatpants. Since these are not appropriate for the workplace, what should they choose? Paper bag ladies trousers might be the answer. They are both comfortable and appropriate for the workplace.


Maintaining the comforts of home while being able to fit into the workplace can be complicated. One manner of dress that might suffice might be activewear. Just by doing some research, you could find many pieces of clothing that will allow you to still maintain the comforts of home but also adhere to their office workplace.

Choosing the right colours

In order to make leisure wear seem more formal, choosing neutral or darker colours could be the answer to create a more elegant but still comfortable look. Avoiding textures like jeans and choosing linen trousers instead could be another way to appear more formal in an office setting.

Dressing for the workplace after the pandemic might present some changes. Not having to adhere to a dress code for the last year or so has changed people’s habits. This had a huge effect on a great number of people. The question is, how do they transition? The change might be difficult, but it can be achieved if you made some simple adjustments.