It’s called the heart of the family home for a reason; the kitchen is often where everyone will congregate to eat, catch up, and make the most of time together. It’ll be a space that needs to be both high functioning (depending on how much cooking goes on), and comfortable; for speedy pre-school breakfasts, leisurely and homely Christmas dinners, or fun brunches and lunches with friends. Because of all the things a kitchen is expected to provide for a home, a total renovation is often extremely expensive, time-consuming, and out of budget for many.

However, there are plenty of ways to update the space without tearing out the kitchen and spending months with nowhere to cook and enjoy with the family. Often a few simple updates can be completed over a weekend or two and can make a huge difference. You’ll spend more time and effort than cash, and the difference will put a smile on everyone’s face. The following are some tips, inspiration, and ideas for those looking to update their culinary space, without the stress and cost of a total renovation.


A fresh coat of paint in your chosen color will enliven and brighten any space. And, when it comes to your kitchen; don’t think you’re limited to walls! Save money on expensive new kitchen cabinets and doors, by giving them a couple of coats of paint. A new color across your kitchen storage will completely update and change the space, and it’ll be a fraction of the cost if you bought new ones.


Splashbacks and tiled areas can often date a kitchen and make it look tired. They are often a small space but have a great impact. Therefore, consider updating your tiles with something modern, characterful, or in keeping with your personality and style. Whether you choose a lively Mexican tile, or a modern mirrored one (why not?); you’ll be surprised at just how much it changes the space. No more tired old tiles and grout when you’re cooking dinner!

Fixtures And Fittings

Updating anything and everything from faucets and handles, to sockets and switches, can give a kitchen a fresh and premium feel. Investing in the hardware in your kitchen can update each area, without spending a lot of money. Make sure they all match for an added luxury feel.

Soft Furnishings

Curtains and blinds, seat cushions and covers, and napkins and tablecloths, are another affordable ways to bring a new style into the space, and update the color scheme with ease. You can create somewhere truly cozy and comforting, or sleek and modern, depending on your choice of fabric, and you’ll have far more fun every time you set the table.


Lighting can play a huge and significant part in how an interior space feels, so it’s worth making a priority. It could be as simple as changing all the cool bulbs to warm ones for a less-harsh glow. Or perhaps you need some added light above the counters to help you function in there. Change broken bulbs and add feature lights above the island or table for added interest and charm. Enjoy!