If you’re a Singapore local then you’re probably aware of the east versus west debate. It’s a never-ending argument. People from the west can claim that they have all the modern attractions. But easties know that their side of the country is filled with great places to eat. Indeed, the eastern side of the island is perfect for foodies. They have everything there from local favorites to international fares. For sure, a day is not enough for you to try all the food offered in this part of the city. Wondering where to eat in East Singapore? Check these places out.

Smith Maine

No joke, East Singapore is where you can get the freshest seafood in the island. So if you’re craving for fish, shrimps, squids, etc., head on to Smith Marine. This is the real thing right here. Some only claim that they have the freshest seafood, but this place walks the talk. In this place, you can see your food alive and swimming until you order it. They will even allow you to catch your own food if you want. You’ll be given a rod and bait and lead you to their “sure-catch pond.” Smith Maine is located between Changi Point and Pulau Ubin. And to get there, you need to ride a bumboat. Or if you’re the fit and sporty type, you can also kayak your way to the place.

The Bedok Marketplace

Singapore is known for their hawkers. The Bedok Marketplace is probably the hippest hawker centre in the whole island. It’s a place that you definitely need to visit if you’re going to East Singapore. This place is what millennials would call “Instagram-worthy.” The cool vintage storefronts will really compel you to take selfies. The whole place looks like it came straight from the 60s. If you’re someone who enjoys vintage stuff, then you will surely have fun in the place. As far as food is concerned, you can get a wide variety here. There’s a place that serves Vietnamese pho. Then there’s one that specializes in yakitori skewers. Of course, this place also has local favorites like chicken rice and noodles. Need a drink? There’s a wine bar where you and your friends can spend the evening.

Prata Corner

If you love prata then you’ll surely love Prata Corner. They offer an all-you-can-eat prata buffet for the very affordable price of only 7.90 SGD. Sometimes, they even lower the price down to 6 SGD per person. Now, that’s a real steal. This place serves all kinds of prata, sweet, savory, fluffy, crispy, etc. You can also get prata with different kinds of fillings such as cheese, mushrooms, and many more. This is indeed prata heaven. If you want to forget your diet for a while then this is the place for you to go. Don’t forget to wear something loose because you’ll surely be stuffed afterwards. Some say that this is one of the best kept secrets of East Singapore. But now it’s out in the open.