Wholesale Long Sleeve Shirts: How To Outfit Employees While Elevating Your Brand

First impressions can significantly contribute to a brand’s image and reputation in the mind of a customer. And a big chunk of first impressions lie in how the brand’s employees are outfitted. A cohesive yet …


First impressions can significantly contribute to a brand’s image and reputation in the mind of a customer. And a big chunk of first impressions lie in how the brand’s employees are outfitted. A cohesive yet professional appearance can say a lot about the brand to a first-time customer. When it comes to employee outfits, long sleeve shirts are among the most preferred. For a brand however, procuring size-specific long sleeve shirts from retail stores could be a significant investment.

Wholesalers come into the picture here.

Getting wholesale long sleeve shirts offers advantages that go beyond savings. This blog covers why brands should consider investing in bulk long sleeve shirts to outfit employees, keep investments minimum and elevate the brand itself at the same time.

Try & Buy

Purchasing wholesale long sleeve shirts or any apparel wholesale for that matter offers an often overstated benefit – samples. Before committing to the order, brands can test the product by getting a sample from the wholesaler. This allows businesses and organizations to ensure quality and verify if the garment is durable, comfortable and suitable for the environment.

Opportunities to limit investment

Yes, and without compromising on the desired outcome. An apparent benefit of getting employee uniforms like long sleeve shirts wholesale is a notable reduction in overall investment. The cost per clothing will be considerably lower, compared to getting shirts from retail stores. Additionally, there are even more opportunities to cut costs.

Wholesalers like YouApparel offer the lowest prices for apparel including long sleeve shirts, to stay competitive in the dynamic wholesale apparel market. There is also the advantage of bulk order discounts, which allow brands to save more on larger orders. The lower per-unit costs, additional discounts and free shipping on big orders can free up a good chunk of the budget.

Diversity in every aspect

Purchasing long sleeve shirts wholesale for employee uniforms doesn’t mean the brand should sacrifice variety. Wholesalers offer a massive inventory of high-quality apparel from the most popular brands in the market. Each brand comes with its share of merits. Some of them offer a great variety of styles while others offer just a few styles with more color options.

Wholesalers generally offer an extensive range of styles, fits and fabrics allowing brands to tailor their employee uniforms to suit the wearer’s preferences.

Bringing the brand to the forefront

Purchasing blank long-sleeve shirts during special sales days is the most reasonable way to minimize investment. This also gives brands more time to determine how they can brand the apparel. A business might want specific color themes and branding for the various departments. For example, in a supermarket, managers, janitors and delivery executives can each have uniforms of different colors which makes it easier for customers to figure out who to approach when they need assistance or service.

By branding uniforms with the business logo, the brand highlights their identity thereby presenting themselves in a positive light in front of their customers.

Tailored Professionalism For Any Budget

Apart from saving money, wholesale purchase of uniform apparel is how brands can ensure and elevate their professionalism as well as their teams’. The right choice of comfortable, customized long sleeve shirts from renowned brands can motivate teams and create a sense of unity among them to achieve a shared goal. The appearance sends a message to clients, customers and competitors.


The decision to invest in wholesale long sleeve shirts for employee uniforms is itself an investment in professionalism, comfort, and brand identity. So, why settle for ordinary when you can empower your team while elevating your brand at the same time?

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