In today’s age of online buying, facilitating visitors with a personalised conversation can have a great impact in their conversion.

There is no denying to the fact that a timely and personalised interaction delivered to the customer has numerous benefits to offer for both parties. It influences the buyer throughout his buying experience.

The question is how to make the most of your chatbots for your brand or your website? The answer lies in distinguishing your website visitors into different categories. Then accordingly you can design welcome bot greetings for your target visitors.

Tips for greeting messages

Greeting messages for your chatbot plays a vital role in grasping your visitor’s interest.

You can create some interesting greeting messages by following these tips:

  • Greeting messages should be written as a subject line.
  • Avoid using common messages like “How may I assist you?” The greeting messages should be personalised according to the visitor’s preferences and needs and your brand persona.
  • Avoid repetitive messages, use different welcome bot messages for different visitors.
  • Greeting messages should be kept short, interesting and quick to read.
  • Greeting messages should be relevant to connect with your customers or visitors.
  • The tone of your chatbot should have a human touch and must not sound robotic.
  • Change the colour and typography of your messages, see what works best for your visitors.

Different types of visitors

When you are creating greeting messages, keep in mind the types of visitors that come on your website.

  • The New Visitors – The new visitors are the ones who are visiting your website and interacting with the chatbot for the first time. The greeting message is important as it has less than 15 seconds to capture the user’s attention. The greeting should be friendly such as start with a friendly joke.
  • The Returning Visitor – These are the visitors that have visited your website before, and have not converted into buyers yet. Your welcome bot should greet them with a message that tells them they are recognised by the bot. The greeting message should make them feel welcomed and important. The conversation should be compelling for the visitor to share more information about themselves.
  • The Content Binger – These are the types of visitors that have come on your site because of your content. They are interested in reading your posts, and watch the videos and webinars before they decide to buy your brand or ask any question.
  • The Hot Prospect – This is the most important type of visitor on your website. They are there to evaluate you. They are kind of waiting to be convinced and this is the time for your welcome bot to be proactive and start a conversation with them. The greeting message should be personalised according to their expectation and evaluation stage.
  • The Target Account – These are the visitors that you have targeted to land on your site. Now, it is time to greet them with more love and attention. Here, you should alert your sales representatives that your target account is on the site and then let your sales team handle them personally. Provide them a seamless experience that they will not forget.