While the pandemic has torn apart businesses and led to high levels of unemployment, the one sector that has remained perched on a stable growth peak is healthcare. However, this doesn’t mean that healthcare professionals have had it easy over the past couple of years. The coronavirus has taken away much more than their sleep and peace.

But on an economic scale, the industry has become a stable provider of jobs and livelihood. Healthcare workers have been the happy face of this pandemic. Despite unemployment rates on the rise across the US, the sector keeps going strong. It is established that this is one industry to tap into in the near future. The demand for a wide set of workers, not just locum tenens hospitalist service providers, is set to rise. Read up to know why.

Frontline Workers are Heroes

Real-life heroes never got so real until the pandemic stuck and the frontline workers faced the onslaught with grit. In the beginning, they barely knew anything about the virus. There was no clarity on how the future of healthcare would look like. Yet, they kept going through their days and nights without as much as batting their eyes. No wonder with such commitment levels, these workers have inspired a generation to seek careers in the healthcare industry.


Another top reason healthcare professionals are in demand this year is that the industry is fairly recession-proof. The sector is poised to grow further in the coming ten years. Since the pandemic is not exactly on the ebb, the demand for healthcare personnel will remain intact. In fact, experts believe that the future of all diseases and their management could be similar to the process of controlling coronavirus. Therefore, trained healthcare workers will always come across as a blessing.

Need for Assistance

  • Senior assistance needs are expected to go up significantly in the next eight years or so. Since eldercare is a category the healthcare industry can no longer ignore, this calls for more healthcare professionals.
  • Geriatric professionals will see a demand of about seven times the employment rate in the current year by 2028. No wonder hiring on a fast track basis is set to be the new normal for the healthcare industry! Of course, they need to be rightly trained and possess the expertise required.

Prospect set to Fuel Heightened Demand

  • The prospects of being in a recession-proof industry will naturally attract students to bag jobs here. With enhanced awareness of public health and related issues, several budding medical students see immense scope in this sector.
  • Of course, certain industry segments such as dentistry, chiropractor services, and general diagnostics of non-emergency scale have seen plummeting prospects. However, this is not as grim as the numbers in few other non-healthcare sectors.

Stats and Numbers ensure Demand

As per reports from the BLS or Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job count for healthcare sectors will rise to 14 percent by 2028. This means a thrice-over growth rate over other occupations. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that out of the top 10 jobs in the USA that have the fastest growth rate, the first six are part of the healthcare sector.


The diversity of jobs in healthcare, too, is another advantage. These fuels demand, along with the fact that such jobs come under the highest paying brackets in the country. Not just physical healthcare services, even services for mental healthcare are seeing a stable demand. Professionals for both categories of healthcare will have huge potential to grow in the years to come. The arrays of healthcare services are vast and ever-widening. No wonder these professions earn so much respect—pandemic or not!