Choosing the right outfit for a wedding is never an easy decision. Naturally, other than avoiding wearing white, women need to think about what color scheme the bride is likely to have: these tricks will help avoid clashing.

Unfortunately, the rules are never as clear-cut when it comes to men. In general, you’ll be expected to wear a suit, although it isn’t compulsory. After all, choosing a suit can be difficult: you need one that makes you look good, but not one that allows you to upstage the groom. Of course, color plays a part, although matching the groom’s color is generally seen as less of an issue.

If you’re heading to a wedding and are trying to settle on the right outfit, you should consider a bow tie and leather shoes combo.

The Attractiveness Of Leather Shoes

It’s often said that shoes can tell you everything you need to know about a man. Ninety percent of participants in a survey correctly guessed an array of social traits, such as gender, income and social status, just by looking at shoes.

High-quality leather shoes, such as the Superglamourous exclusive range, are well made, look fantastic and come in a comprehensive array of styles.

That means you’re getting a shoe that can be used on multiple occasions and can still be personalized to reflect your persona and even the wedding theme.

Leather shoes may look plain and simple when worn in brown or black, but they’ll still look stunning. Or you can choose a snakeskin look, unusual color options, and even add extra details. That includes a bow.

In short, you can choose the right leather shoe for your persona and outfit. You’ll look stunning and it will certainly help you create the right impression.

Why Add A Bow Tie

A traditional suit looks great, but it also means you’re going to blend into the crowd. That’s why you should consider smart trousers, a nice shirt, leather shoes and a bow tie. It’s guaranteed to leave you looking and feeling good.

Best of all, you’ll stand out for the right reasons and you’ll always have a conversation starter. You can guarantee people will ask about the bow tie after admiring the quality of your shoes.

In short, you will look fantastic, can fit into any type of wedding theme and you have no risk of upsetting the bride or groom.

Of course, you need to choose the right bow tie. Formal weddings generally demand silk bow ties; while silk is still preferable for a modern wedding, you can opt for almost any color. Moreover, it is best to choose a pre-tied bow tie, since it will ensure you complete your look perfectly.

Summing Up

Choosing the right bow tie and leather shoe combo for a wedding should be fun. There are plenty of options on the market. Once you’ve chosen, you’ll find you can use the items again and again at almost any venue.

It’s not just the perfect wedding combo!