Malibu, California is known to have one of the best rehabilitation centers. The climate comforts and soothes the nerves of the patients who come for treatment in Malibu, California. The rehabilitation centers in California are fully equipped to deal with any kind of substance abuse. Be it alcohol, heroin, or cocaine addiction. One of the most popular Malibu rehab is “Oro House Recovery center” In this article; we are going to disclose what made this rehabilitation center gain popularity among other rehabilitation centers.

Before we get into the specifications of this rehabilitation center you should know that Oro is famous for alcohol addiction and drug treatment programs.

The Course of Treatment in Malibu- Rehab

1. Detox Program

Oro does not encourage the traditional 12 step approach to help people get over their addiction. Instead, they adopt the ultra-modern medical approaches and combine them with treatment based on evidence. To ensure people can get over their addiction from substance use. They ensure that the detoxification is being done keeping the condition of the patient in mind so that the patient is not harmed because of the withdrawal symptoms.

 2. In-Patient Program

After the patient goes through the detoxification process Malibu – Rehab representatives make the patient go through an inpatient residential program. Here the patients are made to stay inside the rehabilitation center. During their stay, a dedicated customized approach is taken by the medical representatives working in the rehabilitation keeping the needs and requirements of the patients in mind.

 3. Identifies The Root Cause Of The Problem

The Malibu- Rehab focuses on identifying the root cause behind the addiction. Medical representatives working there understand that there has to be a reason behind the addiction. Based On this root cause, strategies are designed here to overcome the addiction. Once the cause of addiction is identified it is easy for medical representatives to customize the plan of treatment for their target audience.

 4. Customized Treatment Based on Individual needs

The final stage is proceeding with the plan of treatment. Malibu Rehab has become so popular among people because they offer customized treatment to their patients based on their necessities.

5. Self Motivates The person to Recover

Medicines cannot do anything if a person loses their will to survive. Malibu- Rehab has the finest team of professional councilors who not only keep a track of the recovery process but also self motivates the person to recover by themselves.


After analyzing all the aspects it can be said that Malibu Rehabilitation center is popular among people and considered to be the best because they identify the root cause of addiction and eradicate it by motivating the person to recover. Further, their detox program and in-patient program are very effective and the treatment is customized after the needs and requirements of the patients are identified. This is why more and more people who need immediate help and want to get over their addictions are moving to Malibu Rehab.