Why ZALA Hair Extensions? 5 Reasons to Choose ZALA over Others

Hair extensions are an excellent solution for women with thin, short, or less voluminous hair. They allow you to instantly flaunt long, thicker hair and achieve a wide range of styles. But since there are …


Hair extensions are an excellent solution for women with thin, short, or less voluminous hair. They allow you to instantly flaunt long, thicker hair and achieve a wide range of styles. But since there are many different extension brands out there, it can feel daunting to choose the one that meets your needs and budget.

When researching the market for extensions, you might wonder: which brand should I go with? Will the extension look like real hair? Are Remy hair extensions better than non-Remy human hair extensions? We researched the market and found Zala hair extensions to be the best choice for women.

But are Zala hair extensions worth my money, or will another brand suffice, you ask! Read on to find out why it’s a good idea to choose Zala over other extension brands.

1. 100% Remy Human Hair

Zala hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair. This means each hair strand has the cuticles intact, unlike non-Remy extensions. But what is the benefit of an intact cuticle?

Unbroken cuticles retain the hair’s natural direction, movement, and flow. This means when you wear Zala extensions, you can rest assured that the wefts will match your hair’s flow, direction, and movement. Moreover, it makes your hair look entirely natural, and nobody will be able to tell that you’re wearing extensions.

Plus, 100% Remy human hair extensions are more durable, longer-lasting, and less prone to shedding than lower-quality extensions. They are also less susceptible to tangling, and you can style and treat them like your natural hair.

2. Seamless Blending

The second reason Zala is the best brand is that their extensions are silky and soft, so much so that they blend perfectly with your natural hair. Remember that no matter the quality of extensions, they’re of no use if they can’t blend properly with your hair.

Zala takes the lead in blending because they use special manufacturing techniques, so the wefts blend seamlessly with your hair, looking natural. And the fact that Zala wefts are made from 100% Remy hair also helps the extensions blend beautifully with your hair.

3. Double Drawn and Triple-Wefted

All Zala hair extensions are double drawn and triple-wefted! But what does that mean? Well, it means each weft has more hair strands than any other brand on the market. It also means that the hair used in the wefts is thick from top to bottom. This makes the extensions thicker and fuller than low-quality extensions.

The double-drawn technique also ensures that the top and bottom of the hair extensions are collected where most of the hair’s strength and integrity come from. This makes the wefts less prone to shedding and breakage, which can be a major issue with lower-quality extensions.

Zala extensions are especially handy for anyone who wants to add more volume and length to their hair but doesn’t want to sacrifice thickness.

4. Available in Multiple Shades and Lengths

Zala extensions are available in many different lengths and shades, unlike many other brands. This means you can easily find a suitable length and colour match for your hair. Using multi-tonal technology makes it possible for Zala to create many different types of extensions in multiple textures, colours, and lengths.

Also, since the extensions are made from real human hair, you can dye them to match your natural hair’s shade. The best part? You can use Zala’s online colour matching service to find the perfect shade.

5. Thicker and Fuller, But Still Lightweight

Most thicker and fuller extensions come with extra weight, which can apply undue strain on your hair. But not Zala extensions! The company ensures that each extension it produces is not only thicker and fuller, but also lightweight. This makes Zala extensions ideal for women with thin or fine hair. You can flaunt longer, thicker, and fuller hair without worrying about damaging your fragile hair.

Final Thoughts

Remember that not all hair extensions are created equal, which is why it’s crucial to do your research and make an informed decision. ZALA hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair. They are thicker and fuller than lower-quality brands, thanks to the double-drawn and triple-wefted technique used during manufacturing. Plus, these extensions are affordable and available in multiple lengths and shades. With these five reasons to choose ZALA hair extensions over others, you’ll be able to make an informed and confident choice.

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