Will Bathroom Remodeling Increase Home Value

You can expect more than just the luxurious steam shower or soaking tub of your dreams from a bathroom remodel. It may also increase your home’s market value. The typical ROI for a bathroom remodels …


You can expect more than just the luxurious steam shower or soaking tub of your dreams from a bathroom remodel. It may also increase your home’s market value. The typical ROI for a bathroom remodels between 60% and 68%, with some modifications providing more value than others. If you want to update your home in some way, the most significant improvement you can make in this regard is to update your bathroom. Here are some tips for improving your home’s resale value through bathroom remodels. This article explains why and how bathroom remodels add value to your property. Keep reading to learn more.

Do remodels raise property values?

With some effort, yes, it most certainly can! Everything you add to your bathroom should have a purpose or add to the aesthetic value of your home. Also, it needs to complement the style of the rest of your house.

If you spend $20,000 on a moderate bathroom remodel, you may expect a return on investment of 67%. A high-end bathroom remodels might easily set you backs $65,000 or more. The average return on investment for a high-end bathroom remodels between 50 and 70 percent.

What bathroom upgrades enhance value?

Enhancing the look of your bathroom is easy, and it offers a lot of potential return on investment. Here are some suggestions for improving the value of your property with bathroom remodels.


If there are young children or older people in the home, it is crucial to have adequate illumination in the bathroom. That facilitates safe restroom usage and allows for quick and straightforward navigation.

Detector-equipped lamps are an option. The added expense is justifiable if it improves the user experience. Your older relatives can benefit from this, too.

Windows and an exhaust fan

You can’t risk having a mould- and mildew-free bathroom without adequate ventilation. You can either open some windows or install an exhaust fan. Doing so will keep the bathroom clean and cool.

Tiling the walls and floors

No rule says you have to tile every inch of your toilet. The most transparent surfaces to tile are your bathroom and shower flooring and walls. White subway tiles would look great on the walls and floor of a bathroom shower. Glass mosaic tiles were more expensive.

New cabinets and a vanity top in the bathroom

One essential part of any bathroom remodel is new cabinetry. It’s a great way to add function and style to your home. Your bathroom cabinetry will be one of this remodel’s most prominent features.

White marble or quartz countertops would look beautiful as a vanity top in your bathroom. Go with a neutral slab to set the tone for a calming and serene space.

Changing out Plumbing Fixtures

You can make some changes to a bathroom that will have a significant impact with minimal time and money spent on the project. One example is changing away the ugly old plumbing fixtures with sleek new ones. Putting in new fixtures like sink faucets and shower heads can help update a room and give it a more modern, welcoming feel.

Though looks are important, they are not everything. These details can significantly impact the overall ambience of the space. For instance, a high-arc sink faucet can make washing your face less challenging, and a high-quality showerhead can provide a relaxing massage while reducing your water bill.

Heating system for the floor

An additional plus is heated flooring. As a bonus, it keeps your toes toasty warm as you step out of the walk-in shower. A practical and attractive addition to your updated bathroom! You can choose from several different flooring options, including vinyl, laminate, tiles, cement, and rubber.

Home Improvements That Pay for Themselves

Because you are improving the home’s functionality and aesthetics, you will see a return on your investment when you want to sell it. If you’ve recently renovated a section of your home, prospective buyers will be more interested in purchasing your home. Indicating the owners took good care of the property. Make sure you’re making the proper upgrades to your house by preparing ahead of time.

What makes a house with a recently remodeled bathroom more appealing to buyers?

When looking at a potential new property, the bathroom is high on the list of must-see rooms. People might use it to unwind after a long day by taking a bath or answering nature’s call in peace.

Home buyers will assume that you cared for your property when you upgraded the bathroom’s shower, tub, and toilet. In addition, installing modern conveniences like touches sinks and motion-activated lights will boost your home’s selling price.

To potential buyers, a newly renovated bathroom also signals an upgrade to the property’s storage options. They anticipate updated decor and a more relaxing atmosphere in your main bathroom after it gets renovated.

Putting in a bathroom remodel is a guaranteed method to increase your home’s resale value. It’s the best method to get your money back when you sell the house, as with any renovation.

Don’t forget to consider your budget.

Investing in a new bathroom is a costly process. It will still cost a fair amount of money, even if you buy stock or cheap materials. However, you can quickly solve this problem by creating a reasonable budget for the undertaking.

Setting and sticking to a project budget is crucial for maximizing value creation while minimizing debt. Costs for updating a bathroom can vary widely depending on whether simple cosmetic changes are made or more extensive structural changes occur.

Install new fixtures, new toilets, re-caulking seams around tubs and sinks, updated lighting, and an attractive new vanity mirror are all minor bathroom changes. If you plan to sell your home after the remodels are complete, you should know that low- to medium-priced projects typically yield higher returns on investment than high-end ones. Potential purchasers with a taste for the finer things may view the added cost of an upscale remodel as money well spent.

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