Dwayne Johson is best known as “The Rock” during his wrestling days. His popularity did not die down when he tried out acting. He has even become one of the highest-paid actors right now. He has appeared in movies like Hercules, Jumanji, and Baywatch, where his sculpted chiseled body.

The Rock is also extremely charismatic, so it can be hard to forget him when you watch one of his films, especially with his bulky body that looks good in whatever he wears. If you ever dreamt of achieving a body like him, you are in the perfect place. This article will tackle his workout routine and what you can do to have a body like his.


Before anything else, you must know that it takes more than just casual workouts at home to achieve a body like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It will be pretty intensive, and the routines that you are about to read are considered classic bodybuilding routines. Nonetheless, it is not entirely impossible.

Always keep in mind to use the weights that you can work with. Dwayne Johnson may not have revealed the weights he does, but it is important to consider yourself above anything else. Also, before you head on and adapt his workout, remember that he is six foot five tall and has been working out intensely for a long time. 

The Routine

To start, this actor always starts his day with a good early run on his treadmill though he takes his chances to run around his neighborhood if he can. After completing his 30-50 minutes of cardio, he eats his breakfast. After his hearty meal, he continues his day in the gym, where the “real” workout routine starts.

1st Day: Legs

One thing about The Rock’s workout is that he does many isolation workouts that target particular muscle groups which helps in defining these areas. Thus, his routine lasts for a week. For day one, he mainly focuses on his legs.

  • Barbell Walking Lunge. He does this for four sets and 25 repetitions.
  • Leg Press. The Rock executes four sets of leg presses with 25 repetitions.
  • Leg Extensions. He does three sets with 20 repetitions for leg extensions.
  • Barbell Squat. After leg extensions, he proceeds with a barbell squat and repeats four sets with 12 repetitions.
  • Hack Squat. The Rock repeats this step 12 times and does four sets.
  • Romanian Deadlift. For the Romanian deadlift, he completes four sets with ten repetitions.
  • Seated Leg Curl. For this move, he repeats this 20 times with three sets.
  • Thigh Abductor. For the thigh abductor, he does 12 repetitions for four sets.

2nd Day: Back

For the second day, Dwayne Johnson proceeds by targeting his backside. He does a lot of weight on this day and starts his day with a 30-50-minute jog outside or treadmill.

  • Lat Pulldown. He does 12 repetitions and four sets for this.
  • Bent-Over BB Row. After that, he completes four sets with 12 repetitions of bent-over barbell row.
  • One Arm Dumbbell. The Rock does 12 reps and four sets for this exercise. 
  • Barbell Deadlift. He then proceeds with three sets and ten repetitions of barbell deadlift.
  • Pull-Ups. It was not stated how many repetitions for this exercise, but he completed three sets of pull-ups.
  • Dumbbell Shrug. The Rock then does 12 repetitions of dumbbell shrug for four sets.
  • Inverted Row. He does three sets for the inverted row and no data for how many repetitions .
  • Hyperextension. He completes his second day for 12 repetitions and four sets of hyperextension.

3rd Day: Shoulders 

After his back exercise from yesterday, he targets his shoulders the next day. Exercising your shoulders will help you gain a wide, broad one yourself. For this day, he does the following.

  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press. The Rock starts with a dumbbell shoulder press and repeats it 12 times for four sets.
  • Standing Military Press. Next, he completes four sets with 12 repetitions of standing military press.
  • Front Dumbbell Raise. He then proceeds to complete this exercise with four sets with 12 repetitions.
  • Side Lateral Raise. For this exercise, he also does four sets with 12 repetitions.
  • Reverse Machine Flyes. He also does four sets for this one, but with 15 repetitions.
  • Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise. The Rock ends his shoulder routine with four sets with 12 repetitions of seated bent-over rear delt raise. 

4th Day: Arms or Abs 

For this day, The rock targets arms and abs with his routine. Nonetheless, as long as you move, many muscles in your body can work out.

  • Dumbbell Bicep Curl. After his regular daily run and breakfast, he starts the gym with this exercise and completes four sets with 15 repetitions.
  • Hammer Curls. He completes hammer curls with four sets with 15 repetitions.
  • Spider Curl. For spider curl, he does four sets with 12 repetitions. 
  • Triceps Pushdown. For this exercise, he completes 15 repetitions for four sets.
  • Overhead Triceps. Next, he completes overhead triceps for three sets with 15 repetitions.
  • Hanging Leg Raise. He then proceeds with four sets with 20 repetitions of hanging leg raise. 
  • Rope Crunch. He does four sets of rope crunch with 20 repetitions.
  • Russian Twist. After that, he finishes the arm/abs day with four sets with 20 repetitions of Russian twist.

5th Day: Legs

On the fifth day, he targets his legs again with the same routine he did on the first day.

6th Day: Chest

Then, for the sixth day, he focuses on his chest. As usual, he starts his day again with a 30-50-minute run.

  • Barbell Bench Press, medium grip. The Rok starts slow with this exercise and completes four sets with 12 repetitions.
  • Incline Dumbbell Press. He does an incline dumbbell press with four sets with 12 repetitions.
  • Dumbbell Bench Press. After that, he proceeds with a dumbbell bench press and completes four sets with 12 repetitions.
  • Flat Bench Cable Flyes. He continues with flat bench cable flyes and does 15 repetitions for four sets.
  • Incline Hammer Curls. For this exercise, he also does four sets with 12 repetitions.
  • Dips, Chest Version. Finally, he finishes off with four sets with ten to twelve repetitions.

7th Day: Rest 

On the seventh day, he takes a rest while working out. This part of your week-long routine is essential. The reason for this is that every time you work out, there is microscopic tearing happening in your muscle tissues. So, you will need to rest to let the tears heal and grow back stronger. That is why some people say you are growing more muscles when you rest. 

What You Can Do

You might have realized that The Rock’s routine can be extreme for regular people. Do consult with a personal trainer and your doctor before engaging in grueling exercises. The first thing is that you must be aware of your limits. If you get the green light from your trainer or doctor, ease your workouts until you gradually increase the difficulty involved with each workout.

Final Thoughts

As a former professional wrestler, The Rock is used to working out, which explains his splendid figure. However, it takes more than just a workout to do so. What you would need is perseverance, motivation, and self-control. The Rock himself is the exact definition of hard work and more than just working out. You can use this as your inspiration and start your fitness dreams!