Zak Starkey: Meet Ringo Starr’s Drummer Son Keeping The Beat Alive

Zak Starkey has carved a significant niche for himself in the music world, standing out not just as the son of Ringo Starr, former Beatle, but as a sought-after drummer in his own right. Having …

Zak Starkey
Real Name:Zak Richard Starkey
Birthday:September 13, 1965
Net Worth:$20 million
Height:180 cm
Occupation:English Rock Drummer

Zak Starkey has carved a significant niche for himself in the music world, standing out not just as the son of Ringo Starr, former Beatle, but as a sought-after drummer in his own right.

Having the legendary drummer from The Who, Keith Moon, as his godfather, Starkey was destined to follow a path in music.

His drumming has shaped the sound of iconic rock bands, with his tenure with The Who since 1996 and his involvement with Oasis being particularly noteworthy.

His personal life also reflects his deep-rooted musical influences and his collaborations over the years have added a rich diversity to his musical portfolio.

Marrying Sharna Liguz, Starkey kept his dedication to family and music intertwined, even as his career continued to blossom.

Beyond his life on stage and in the studio, Starkey has ventured into the world of record labels, co-founding Trojan Jamaica, which not only showcases but expands his commitment to the music scene.

Key Takeaways

  • Zak Starkey, beyond his lineage, is a renowned drummer with an influential career in music.
  • His stints with The Who and Oasis, among other bands, showcase his notable contributions to rock music.
  • Starkey balances his musical achievements with personal ventures, including family life and business undertakings.

Early Life and Family

Zak Starkey’s roots are steeped in musical legend, thanks to his father, Ring Starr of The Beatles. His upbringing in the UK provided a unique backdrop for his future in music.

Musical Heritage

Zak Richard Starkey was born into a world where the beat of the drums was part of the family tradition.

His father is Ringo Starr, famed drummer of The Beatles, which gave Zak an early exposure to the rhythms that would shape his life.

His mother, Maureen Starkey, was an integral part of The Beatles’ family circle, providing a supportive home environment.

Childhood and Education

Born on September 13, 1965, Zak spent his early years in the United Kingdom where his fascination with music quickly began to show.

Although born into fame, Zak’s parents, Ringo and Maureen, nurtured his natural rhythm without pressuring him into the music industry.

His education in the UK allowed him to explore various interests, but ultimately, the pulse of drumming called to him.

Musical Career

Zak Starkey has been a defining presence in the world of rock, sitting behind the drum kit for iconic bands like The Who and Oasis and engaging in other notable musical endeavors. His career showcases a blend of legacy influence and individual artistry.

Collaborations with The Who

Following in the footsteps of the legendary Keith Moon, Zak Starkey joined The Who in 1996, bringing his own style to a drumming legacy.

He played an integral role in rejuvenating the band’s live performances and can be heard on their studio albums from the 21st century.

Work with Oasis

In 2004, he shifted gears to support another titan of rock, Oasis.

Starkey’s work with them included live tours and recording sessions, lending his percussive prowess to the band’s celebrated discography until his exit in 2008.

Other Projects

Starkey’s musical collaborations extend beyond The Who and Oasis. His other projects include contributions to:

  • The Semantics, where he played alongside pop and rock figures.
  • Work with Johnny Marr, the prolific guitarist known for his time with The Smiths.
  • Drumming for The Icicle Works and The Lightning Seeds, which further showcased his versatility within the genre of rock.

Personal Endeavors and Ventures

Zak Starkey has expanded his musical footprint beyond his well-known drumming skills, exploring various creative fields and engaging in philanthropic efforts.

Trojan Jamaica and Reggae Influence

Trojan Jamaica, a record label Starkey co-founded, reflects his profound appreciation for Reggae music.

The label sprouted from his deep connection to Jamaica—a place he finds musically and culturally inspiring.

Together with his partner Sshh Liguz, they aim to bring fresh energy to the genre, signing and promoting both established and emerging talents in the reggae scene.

Philanthropy and Advocacy

Starkey is not just about beats; he’s got a big heart too.

He has leveraged his fame to support various charities, focusing on issues like Teenage Cancer Trust and Leukemia research.

Also noteworthy is his participation in Artists United Against Apartheid, which not only reflects his commitment to charity but also to advocating for important social and political causes.

Family and Personal Life

Zak Starkey, Ringo Starr’s son, has a vibrant family life marked by his musical heritage and personal milestones. He has built his family alongside his talents, balancing the joys of fatherhood and the commitments of his marriage.

Marriage and Children

Zak Starkey embraced matrimony with Sharna “Sshh” Liguz, a partner with whom he shares a passion for music.

Their wedding, which took place in March 2022, was an intimate affair graced by close friends and music industry titans.

Together, Zak and Sharna are parents to Tatia Jayne Starkey, who has added to the family’s legacy by giving them a granddaughter, Luna Lee Lightnin Starkey.

It’s clear that the rhythm of life for Zak includes the beats of family milestones along with his drumming.

Fashion and Social Media Presence

Zak Starkey may not be the first name to come to mind when one thinks of fashion icons, but he has made his mark in his own unique way. With an eye for fashion and a presence on social media, he interacts with fans and showcases his style.

Fashion Contributions

Zak Starkey has a distinct sense of style that sets him apart, blending rock ‘n’ roll flair with classic elements.

While not known to follow mainstream fashion trends, he has occasionally made fashion statements, for instance, by wearing notable pieces such as an Alexander McQueen gown to a prestigious event.

As a musician, his style often reflects the nonconformist ethos of his industry, occasionally acknowledged by fashion designers for its authenticity and edge.

Engagement with Fans

On social media, particularly Instagram, Zak Starkey connects with a broader audience by sharing moments from his personal and professional life.

His posts give fans a glimpse into his world, including his fashion preferences.

While he may not be prolific on these platforms, the content he does share often garners attention and allows him to engage with his followers in a space where they can appreciate his individuality and get to know the man behind the music.

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