5 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With A Ritani Diamond

The name Ritani isn’t uncommon for diamond lovers as they have come across it severally when looking for diamond jewelry. But considering it’s not the only company selling diamonds, buyers may always wonder why they …


The name Ritani isn’t uncommon for diamond lovers as they have come across it severally when looking for diamond jewelry. But considering it’s not the only company selling diamonds, buyers may always wonder why they should choose Ritani diamonds. Take a quick look into Ritani. It’s an online jewelry store specializing in engagement rings and high-quality diamonds.

Generally, when people look for diamonds, they have several considerations such as price, quality, and the services of the selling company. With these considerations, most people will have fallen in love at first sight with Ritani, and others keep going for it. A positive Ritani review has also made it one of the most sought-after diamond retailers, and rightly so. You’ll fall in love with the quality of their diamonds.

With that in mind, this article discusses why you’ll fall in love with a Ritani diamond:

1. High quality

One reasons Ritani is a standout retailer is because of the quality that they offer in their diamonds. Unlike others who promise to deliver luxury at a great price, Ritani practices what it promises and doesn’t just use it for marketing. Every diamond purchased from Ritani has an American Gem Society (AGS) certification so you can be assured of its quality. (1)

While the thought of a considerable price from high-quality pieces might scare you, it’s not always the case. Ritani has lab grown diamonds that offer the sparkle and the brilliance seen in natural diamonds. The best side of these diamonds is that you get them at a fraction of the price of the natural diamond, so you won’t have to compromise quality because of price.

2. You get a lifetime warranty

Manufacturing defects in diamonds often happen than most say. This can significantly affect the shopper’s experience, especially if they have to pay for the shipping cost to return it or have difficulty in doing so. However, Ritani offers a lifetime warranty for its customers, and it covers all manufacturing defects. (2)

Their return policy is convenient for the buyer because you can drop off your diamond to any retail partner close to you. The partner will then return the diamond piece to Ritani for any repair. However, Ritani will only cover one-way shipping costs, and you’ll cover the rest. That’s still a good bargain. (2)

3. You can choose your design

When people buy luxury items like engagement rings, they prefer if they can customize them to their taste. Unfortunately, not all retailers will offer customers the opportunity to choose and design their rings. Often, you’ll have to choose among the available options. Regardless of the quality of the rings available, customizing your ring will always make the shopping experience better.

In contrast, Ritani allows its customers to choose their diamond and ring setting to create their designs. First, users can choose up to four diamonds. Afterward, a gemologist will inspect the diamond for you. They’ll then give you a detailed review so you can select the best. The wide range of diamonds and settings allows users to tweak the design until they create a ring that they want. (3) (4)

4. Take advantage of Ritani’s “clicks and bricks” model

This is one of Ritani’s unique features as it offers buyers the experience of going into a store to shop despite being an online jewelry store. This is where Ritani ships the jewelry to partner retail stores so that buyers can view the diamond piece. (4)

Besides giving you the retail experience, it’s also suitable for the return policy. This is because it’s more practical to view it in the retail store than purchasing it online. This also minimizes the needed wait time to process returns. (4)

5. Trade-ins and upgrades

One of the most amazing experiences of a jewelry shopper is to trade in their current piece or upgrade it for a better piece without facing many hurdles. At Ritani, this is possible, and you can receive up to 100% credit on a new purchase. As long as the new diamond costs at least 50% of the original diamond, you qualify for this upgrade. (2)

While you can keep your original diamond, Ritani also allows you to trade in for something else, such as a new setting on your new diamond. The fact that Ritani supports such upgrades and trade-in deals means you don’t have to sell your original diamond to get a new one. This is something every buyer can appreciate. (2) (4)


When you think about buying a loose diamond or an engagement ring, you need to consider buying one that you’ll love. While you should go for something affordable, the price shouldn’t compromise the quality too much. This is why a Ritani diamond is something that you’ll love. Apart from the quality, the brand also has excellent services to improve your buying process.


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