6 Pro Tips On Shopping For Wedding Bands

Wedding bands or wedding rings symbolize your lifetime marital commitment, love, and passion. Therefore, you should choose the best rings that you can wear for a lifetime, withstanding any elements. But how do you know …


Wedding bands or wedding rings symbolize your lifetime marital commitment, love, and passion. Therefore, you should choose the best rings that you can wear for a lifetime, withstanding any elements. But how do you know if you’re looking at the perfect wedding bands?

Learn some of the professional tips when shopping for this valuable accessory below. 

Choose The Best Wedding Rings Band Materials 

You can choose yellow or white gold, silver, platinum, or any other material you prefer for the band. For the stones, diamonds are classic. For round engagement rings, you have several options, such as 14- or 18-karat yellow or white gold in high-set knife-edge solitaire diamond rings. 

Choose the best materials that suit your preference and your budget. You can talk to the jeweler for customization.

Choose The Best Gemstone Setting

One important factor when choosing an engagement ring or wedding ring style is the gemstone setting. Here are some examples of stone settings for wedding rings:

  • Bezel: If you have an active lifestyle, a bezel setting is highly recommended because it will protect the gem’s outer edges completely. With a modern and sleek look, a bezel setting provides the best protection for your wedding ring.
  • Tension Style: Specially made wedding ring bands can hold stones in place with tension, which provides plenty of light and security. However, tension settings can make small diamonds look smaller because the metal is typically thick.
  • Flush: This ancient method of gem setting is also known as the ‘hammer’ setting, providing superior protection for the stone. In a flush setting, the jeweler drills a hole into the wedding ring metal, positions the gem, and then hammers metal around it, holding it in place. Only smaller gemstones are flush-set since the band should be larger than the gemstone. 

Choose The Best Stone Arrangement Styles

There are various styles of wedding bands that brides can choose from when shopping for the perfect one. Check out the following stone arrangement styles of wedding rings for women:

  • Halo: A great benefit of a halo wedding ring style is the center stone looks one-half carat bigger, equivalent to hundreds of dollars, saving you money on the center stone. The center stone has smaller stones, and its design sparkles beautifully when catching the light. In addition, the surrounding stones protect the center stone.
  • Side stone: Side stones are small gemstones or diamonds featured beside a larger center gemstone or diamond, enhancing the look of the wedding ring. Wedding bands with a side stone style look luxurious and elegant.
    • Solitaire: Diamond solitaire weddings rings are classic, symbolizing indestructible and eternal partnership of the groom and bride for each other. 
    • Three-Stone: The three-stone wedding ring is a trilogy or trinity ring, representing love, friendship, and fidelity, as well as the past, present, and future.
  • Vintage: Vintage style is timeless, such as the vintage tulip diamond ring and coil twist diamond ring. 

Choose The Number of Prongs

In most wedding rings, precious stones, like diamonds, are secured in place by prongs such as four or six prongs for round-shaped stones. While six prongs offer a more secure setting, four prongs can also hold a stone well for a ring with a smaller stone or a bride with a less active lifestyle. In addition, four prongs allow more light to reflect on the gemstone to improve its sparkle.

Different shapes require a certain number of prongs. To protect the ring from chipping, V-shaped prongs are suitable for marquise, heart, and pear-shaped stone wedding rings to hold the sharp corners.

Consider Embellishments 

While some couples prefer simple and plain wedding ring designs, others prefer intricate wedding ring settings. But of course, you also need to consider the cleaning requirement for intricate rings to ensure the best buy. 

You might want to learn the following terms when considering adding embellishments when shopping for wedding rings:

  • Filigree: This intricate, decorative metalwork involves taking a strand of metal and twisting it into a decorative shape and then soldering it to the jewelry for a delicate and lacy appearance.
  • Milgrain: It refers to small metal beads, adding detail and texture to a wedding band. 
  • Engraving: Images and letters are the elements the jeweler can engrave on the ring upon your request.
  • Melee: This embellishment refers to colored gemstones or small diamonds, most often pavé diamonds.

Choose The Perfect Finish 

While women’s wedding rings concentrate on the stone setting, men’s wedding bands focus on the finish. For mens platinum wedding bands, you can choose from square-edged or domed milgrain rings. Other wedding band finish options for men include the following:

  • Satin-finish Diamond 
  • Hammered-finish Polished Edge 
  • Sandpaper-finish Polished Edge with Milgrain
  • Sandblast-finish 
  • High Polish 
  • Brushed Polished-edge 


Wedding bands are sacred rings that symbolize the eternal love and life of the groom and bride. Once you have the perfect engagement and wedding bands for you, they become priceless possessions you can also hand down to your children and the next generations as an heirloom. So, make sure to buy your wedding bands only from reputable jewelry shops.

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