6 Must-Haves For Your First Apartment

Whether you’re renting or buying your first apartment, making sure it’s a mindful space and reflects who you are is just as important as your apartment’s location. Our homes are our sanctuary, and decorating them …


Whether you’re renting or buying your first apartment, making sure it’s a mindful space and reflects who you are is just as important as your apartment’s location. Our homes are our sanctuary, and decorating them in a way that we feel safe and comfortable is paramount. If you’re renting, you may not have the freedom to wallpaper, paint, and hang anything you want to, but there are still essentials that every apartment needs. Keep reading to find out all the must-haves you need on your shopping list to make your new place feel like home.

Go Green

Houseplants are an easy and inexpensive way to give your home a pop of color and some natural beauty. Even if you have a curious cat that makes owning natural plants impossible, artificial plants can create the same effect. Of course, living plants act as excellent air purifiers, which is an added bonus to the beauty and life they bring to your space. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, start with houseplants that are easy to maintain, like pothos, split-leaf philodendron, and Snake Plants. Additionally, if they fit into your budget, fresh flowers in a beautiful vase have the same effect and bring even more color to your space.

Sound Systems

Music can set the tone that we’re looking for. No matter your mood or mental space, there’s a song that can match it or change it if that’s what you’re looking for. Investing in a sound system for your home pays for itself in spades by keeping your mood where you want it and providing an excellent time for any visitors you have. You can go old school with a record player or stay frugal with a Bluetooth speaker. Your options are virtually unlimited in how you want to listen to your music; just make sure you have a way to.

A Quality Mattress

They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for no reason, do they? Sleep is a critical time of restoration and relaxation for our brains and bodies. How much sleep you get each night affects both your mental and physical health. Investing in the highest quality mattress you can afford will make all the difference in the quality of sleep you’re getting. While spending several thousand dollars on a bed may seem like a splurge, your health is worth it.

Window Treatments

Especially if you’re renting and don’t want to hang a ton of artwork on your walls, window treatments are a must-have for your apartment. They’re a great way to elevate the style in the apartment and add color against bare walls. Even the most minimalist homes typically have curtains on the windows, which shows their importance. Window treatments also keep out drafts and unwanted sunlight while sleeping and give you privacy. While it’s tempting to try and save money in this department, investing in quality curtains is worth it.

Lighting Options

While your place likely comes with overhead lighting, many people find overhead lights oppressive. As the day winds down, overhead lighting doesn’t match the energy outdoors or put you in place to get great sleep. Having options for how lit your home is, is paramount to feeling comfortable. Table lamps where they make sense and floor lamps in the corner set the mood for whatever you’re doing and are worth the investment. If you’re on a tight budget, this is one area where you can save a ton of money by shopping second-hand and still being able to hit the style mark for which you’re aiming.


Whether you want to make your place smell amazing through incense, candles, or oil diffusers, it’s essential to have these options in place. Not only do scents have the power to uplift us or relax us, but they also become a signature, so to speak. We all know what our childhood homes smell like, even years later when we’re much older. Give your home a signature scent by having aromatherapy options.

Moving into your place can feel stressful at times and even overwhelming – don’t let decorating become an area that causes you distress. By making sure you have your bases covered with the above-mentioned essentials, you’ll be well to feel right at home.

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