6 Ways To Cater To Your Kid’s Superhero Obsession

Children can be a handful sometimes. Whenever a child becomes obsessed with a certain superhero or a cartoon character, they want each and everything in their surroundings customized with that particular character. Being a parent, …


Children can be a handful sometimes. Whenever a child becomes obsessed with a certain superhero or a cartoon character, they want each and everything in their surroundings customized with that particular character. Being a parent, sometimes it can become overwhelming and you might run out of ideas to make something unique for your kid.

Secondly, most of the ideas you get might be too much for your budget. For example, an entire room transformation may cost you a fortune. Painting the entire room with a new color, or getting a customized wallpaper, finding customized collectibles and decoration pieces can be a dent in your pocket.

If you are a new parent, or you do not consider yourself creative enough to know how to cater to your kid’s obsession with cartoon characters, do not worry anymore. Here we present six ideas that will help you manage your kid’s obsession with movie characters a bit more easily. These simple things can add value to your child’s collectibles.

1. Customized Beddings

If you consider the entire room transformation out of your budget, consider adding customized bedding only. Bed sheets and bedspreads will not cost you much. There are plenty of kids’ stores that provide superhero printed bed sheets and bedspreads. If you can not find one of your choices, you can buy a plain white or any solid colored bed sheet and get a screen print of your child’s favorite superhero or cartoon character.

If you want to take it a bit further, get a wallpaper that matches the theme of your child’s favorite movie or cartoon. That can bring together the entire look of the room.

2. Special Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are limited editions of all-time favorite superheroes and cartoon characters. A subscription box is a kids box that may contain specially curated pieces of cartoon characters and superheroes. Special boxes are full of surprises as they may contain accessories, apparel, toys, and whatnot.

You can take your parenting game to a whole new level and become your childs’ favorite with one of these boxes. Your child will be in possession of some unique and limited series of their favorite character. You can help your child become one of those popular kids in school that have unique toys in their collection. Now we all know how important that is in a child’s life.

3. Customized Cutlery And Crockery

Kids love to eat on a plate that has their favorite superhero on it. Customized cutlery and crockery can not only be your child’s favorite for a very long time but also help you make dinner time less stressful. Picky eaters can be well-fed if you offer them food on colorful plates with their favorite characters printed on them.

Such customized plates and cups can be easily bought from a kids’ store. You can also order them from any retailer selling Disney or Marvel products.

4. Stationery Items

Kids love stationery items. Girls especially are very fond of colored pencils and erasers. You can be your daughter’s favorite parent if you buy her a Winx Club pencil case or Elsa-themed erasers, pencils, and pencil sharpeners. For a boy, you might want to go with Ironman or Spiderman printed stationery items. You can also buy school bags, lunch boxes or even study tables having pictures of your child’S favorite character. Stickers and fridge magnets are also a wonderful choice to add to your child’s collectibles.

5. Customized Clothing Items

Clothing items are by far the most loved customized gift a child will like forever. You can get a sweatshirt or a hoodie with printed characters. Or you can go old-school and buy your child a tee shirt with their favorite character printed on it.

Some kids love to dress like their favorite characters. If not the costume, you can buy them clothes with the same color scheme as their favorite character. For example, if your child loves minions, you can clothe them in blue dungaree with a yellow tee shirt. Your daughter will love to dress up like her favorite princess.

6. Accessories

Every child is fond of sunglasses and wristwatches. If you are struggling with the gift for your child’s birthday, consider getting a wristwatch that their favorite character wears. Or you can get a watch that has their favorite character printed on it.

For girls, there are plenty of options available in the market. You can get customized headbands, ponytails, purses, and even beanies. Your daughter will love to have jewelry pieces that her favorite princess wears.

Bottom Line

Every child loves a certain cartoon character or a superhero. While their obsession grows, they want to get everything available in the market with their favorite character’s face on it. You can cater to your child’s obsessions with the above-mentioned unique collectible ideas.

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