7 Reasons Why You Must Install Double-Glazed Windows in Your Home Today!

In recent years, double-glazed windows are rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners for all the right reasons. They are stylish and sleek and help give your house a modern touch without having to spend a fortune. …

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In recent years, double-glazed windows are rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners for all the right reasons. They are stylish and sleek and help give your house a modern touch without having to spend a fortune. Moreover, these installations give you the feeling of sitting outdoors even when you are indoors.

If you are a resident of Leicester, you must know that installing them can increase your home’s curb appeal and help you get a good value if you plan to sell it in the future. However, like with any new installation in your home, the quality of the double-glazed windows is an essential thing to consider. When the safety of your home is in question, you must always trust reputable service providers such as Harveys Windows in Leicester to install them. Moreover, if you are considering installing them, here are some benefits of the windows that will help you make the right choice:

1. Double-Glazed Windows Offer Great Insulation:

Double-glazed windows are made of insulated sealed units that consist of two glass panes and various tints and seals that provide up to 40% more insulation compared to other windows. Moreover, these windows reduce the transmission of hot and cold air by 50% compared to single-paned windows, making your house resistant to the weather outside. Hence, these windows are a great choice if you want glass windows but live in an area with extreme weather conditions.

2. These Windows are Noise-Proof

If you live in a noisy locality, double-glazed windows can be a great alternative to single-paned windows because these windows have double-layered sound filtration, which prevents outside noises from entering the room. Further, individuals who have their office in a noisy neighbourhood can install them to enjoy a quiet working environment.

3. They Help Lower Your Energy Bills:

With rising energy costs, homeowners must make conscious efforts to reduce their bills. One of the ways they can do so is by installing double-glazed windows with insulation properties, which reduces your dependency on an air conditioner or heater to control the room temperature. These windows can trap hot or cold air inside a room, preventing heat loss during cold weather and keeping the room cool during the summer.

4. The Room Feels Like a Part of the Outdoors:

A room surrounded by walls on all four sides can make it look and feel congested. However, when you install double-glazed windows, the room automatically feels more airy and lively. It feels like the room is part of the outdoor environment, making you feel closer to nature.

5. The House Enjoys Heightened Security:

Many people who want to install glass windows in their homes avoid doing so because of security issues. It is no surprise that single-pane windows don’t provide adequate security. However, double-glazed windows have two-layered security, and you can also add an extra layer of lamination to heighten the safety of the room. Moreover, most of these windows come with uPVC frames, which makes the windows stronger and is an added advantage.

6. They Increase the Curb Appeal of the House:

Before selling their homes, many homeowners opt to do a complete home makeover to increase their curb appeal. Therefore, if you plan to sell your house, installing double-glazed windows is a wise decision as it can help it get off the market sooner. Because these windows enhance security and make the house energy efficient, it becomes a highly preferred choice for buyers.

7. These Windows are Easy to Maintain:

Double-glazed windows are easier to maintain compared to others. Most glass windows become foggy when they come in contact with moist air. But this is not the case with double-glazed windows. As the temperature of the glass surface remains the same as the room temperature, the glass doesn’t get foggy. Moreover, as these window panes are well sealed with uPVC frames, dust or air from outside can’t easily enter the room, preventing it from getting dirty.


Double-glazed windows have a lot of benefits. They help reduce your energy bills, prevent noise pollution, are suitable for people living in extreme weather conditions and enhance the curb appeal of the house if you plan to sell it. However, you must install high-quality double-glazed windows to enjoy the maximum benefits. Conduct thorough research to find the best quality products because your house deserves the best.

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