Aliza Jane – OnlyFans Model, NBA Supporter, and Young Momma

Aliza Jane is an Instagram and OnlyFans model who posts swimwear, lifestyle, and modeling content. Some people know here as Ayyyejae and others like The Greek Freak. No, she has nothing to do with Giannis …

Aliza Jane

Aliza Jane is an Instagram and OnlyFans model who posts swimwear, lifestyle, and modeling content. Some people know here as Ayyyejae and others like The Greek Freak. No, she has nothing to do with Giannis Antetokounmpo, the original Greek Freak. But she does have something to do with NBA players.

While she has never lived in Greece, many people do refer to her as the Greek Freak. Aliza began posting on Instagram in December 2019.

Growing up in a conservative Mormon home, she was raised in California and later moved to Utah. As you can imagine, her Mormon family is not happy with her adult content.

Quick Bio

Who is Alize Jane? She is one of the many social media models. In the 21st century, modeling has become a common and normal way to make money. It grew at a fast rate, and more and more ladies are accepting it as a job position.

Alize is one of these models, famous for her adult modeling and daring photos and videos on social media.

The American Internet personality is also known as Ayyyejae. The popular model was born in May 1997, in the United States. Her real name is Aliza Jane, but many people know her by other names.

According to some sources, she grew up in a strict Mormon Home in California, Los Angeles. There is not much personal information about her early childhood, educational background, and everything else.

Aliza rose in popularity after she claimed she spent the night with several Phoenix Suns players and improved their play on the court afterward.

She does have an older sister, named Elena. She has appeared in one of Aliza’s YouTube videos. According to Jane, she also has three older siblings. But we do not know their names or occupation.

Here is a fun fact: in one Q&A video on her YouTube channel, she disclosed that she finished a cosmetology course during her senior year.

Is she in a relationship?

One thing Aliza tries to keep a secret is her relationship status. Or better said, the lack of it. The Instagram model and adult content star keeps her status as a single person. That is the best way to attract male followers.

She hasn’t even shared a picture with a guy you might assume to be her boyfriend. In one video, she said that she is not married.

Her love life remains a secret. And despite becoming a mother in 2023, she still insists on keeping the possible father a secret. Who knows, maybe she got pregnant through IVF from a donor.

Having fun with Kanye West

Her story about the Phoenix Suns players is not the only one that got her popularity. In one interview, she said some hurtful things about Kanye West, who was at one point known by his nickname Ye.

Speaking in an episode of Sofia Franklyn’s podcast, she spoke about her plastic surgery and online fame.

As for Kanye, she said the two shared a kiss on New Year’s Eve. That is something many couples do to welcome the New Year, but Kanye and Aliza were not a couple.

She went on to say she didn’t kiss him after that. After Ye broke up with Kim Kardashian, he was linked to many Hollywood celebrities, but Aliza had nothing to do with that.

And in her words, the kiss was nothing special.

The Phoenix Suns Scandal

One of the biggest reasons why people recognize Aliza Jane is her interview about the Phoenix Suns. The Only Fans model who recently gave birth to a baby girl, made headlines back in 2020.

She claimed to have sex and performed a sex act on seven members of the Phoenix Suns team. During an appearance on the No Jumper podcast, she revealed.

She said, “On my birthday, my birthday is Memorial Day weekend and I seen them all at Drai’s like this one team… and I was getting f***** in a hotel room and they all pulled up and I sucked their d***s”.

For months afterward, she joked that the Suns players had improved their performance on the court. Led by Devin Booker, that Suns team made it to the NBA Finals the following season. The incident in question happened during the NBA bubble.

After the scandal, she was disowned by her Mormon parents for comments on the podcast. Some sources claimed that her father also lost his job.

Is she on social media?

Aliza Jane is quite active on social media. And you can say that the Phoenix Suns story helped her achieve quite a lot of fame. The host of the podcast where she spilled the beans revealed, “She is unbothered. She went from 3,000 to 32k followers on Instagram and made $22,000 on OnlyFans in one day”.

Nowadays, she has more than 61k followers on her Instagram profile. We do not know how much she earns from Only Fans daily.

And while she is not active on her YouTube channel, she does posts Vlogs and videos, mostly about answering fan questions.

A Young mother

In January 2023, the 25-year-old gave birth to her baby girl. The Only Fans model, who claimed to have spent a wild night with members of the Phoenix Suns back in 2020, revealed on her Instagram profile she delivered a baby girl.

Called Noa Meadow, the daughter of Aliza was born on Friday, January 13. Aliza revealed her pregnancy back in 2022, but there was no mention of the father.

Only Fans account

As Aliza once said, she made 22k on OnlyFans in one day, and nothing can bother her. When the Suns story came out, she said she expects to make 100k in one week.

Now, her OnlyFans membership is not expensive. But people probably pay extra money for her special content.

The regular subscription for her profile is $45 per month. Yet, she does give a limited offer to new members, 75% off for the first 30 days. That means you pay $11.25 for the first 30 days, and then the regular price of $45 per month.

Exploring the fascinating world of OnlyFans, Aliza Jane stands out as a figure navigating the complexities of modern celebrity, leveraging her platform to balance the roles of a young mother and NBA enthusiast.

In a similar vein, Lizzie Lerae’s journey into the OnlyFans realm reveals the intricate dance between public persona and personal ambition, showcasing the platform’s role in redefining success in the digital age. Both stories underscore the evolving narrative of online creators, where visibility and financial independence intertwine.

Net Worth

How much does Aliza make from Only Fans and her social media modeling job? We can say she has a lot in the bank. Nowadays, porn models can earn a hefty amount.

As per some sources, Aliza has a net worth of more than $1.3 million. She has been in the business of modeling for a while now.

The young model has had a Brazilian butt Lift surgery and is famous for making people laugh with explicit songs.

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