Best Ideas for Hosting a Big Party in 2022

Hosting a big party can seem intimidating, especially if you are unsure where to start. Fortunately, we have researched 9 of the best ideas for hosting a big party in 2022. Browse through the ideas …


Hosting a big party can seem intimidating, especially if you are unsure where to start. Fortunately, we have researched 9 of the best ideas for hosting a big party in 2022. Browse through the ideas and find the one that best suits your needs!

1. Book a Party Bus

If you are hosting a big party and need to get people together, why not book a party bus. When people are on the bus, they will be less likely to leave early, and because of the size of the vehicle, many more people can travel in it than a regular car. Your guest will appreciate the transport and the party bus will show them how much effort you are prepared to go to for your big party.

2. Hire a Limo

If you have money to spend, a limo is an impressive way to get your guests into the party venue. It’s big enough that they can bring all their drinks with them and at the same time it’s stylish and will raise eyebrows among people who are not invited. Be sure to book it for the entire evening so that your guests can enjoy the ride back home too.

3. Hire a Photobooth

A photo booth is an incredibly useful way to make your party more fun. They are affordable and easy to use, so you won’t have trouble getting them set up or taking them down. If you have children, having a photo booth will make the party that much more fun.

4. Hire a Fire Performer

Fire performance is a fun and unique option sure to spice up any party. It is something that your guests will talk about for years afterward, and it’s even affordable enough that you could hire one for a smaller, more casual party too. Just make sure to follow the law, as some municipalities enforce restrictions on fire performances. For instance, those living in Seattle will need to fill out a fire performance event notification form prior to booking an act.

5. Hire a Magician

A magician is another fun entertainment option ideal for any big party in 2022. Magic is something that people of all ages can enjoy, and it will create a fun atmosphere that your guests will talk about for years coming.

6. Hire a Dance Troupe

A dance troupe is a fun, traditional type of entertainment suitable for any big party in 2022. Because they are a group of people and not just one performer, it’s easy to make sure the dance troupe has enough time to perform for the entire event. They can sing and dance, or even do a mixture of both, and they will be able to keep the party guests entertained throughout the evening. If you need a dance troupe, search Google for “dance teams near me” to narrow down the list of options. Read ratings and reviews to finalize your selection.

7. Hire a Comedian

Comedians are also popular entertainment options for parties, especially big ones. Instead of being just one person who will stay in one spot, a comedian is much more interactive and keeps everyone laughing throughout the entire event. Those feeling a little risque can go one step further and book a drag queen for their party. The best drag queens can perform to music and tell jokes in between songs. If you want to find a comedian and/or drag queen near you, Google is your friend.

8. Book a Local Restaurant

If you want to make your party even more special, why not book a restaurant and have the party there instead? This will add to the overall experience and if you are having a big party, it can make it much more affordable as well.

9. Hire a Petting Zoo

If you have children to entertain, then a petting zoo would be a fun option. This way, your guests can meet the animals and be entertained for the whole evening with their antics. You can also make it more special by hiring a local clown who will interact with the animals and play with them as well.

10. Hire a Bouncer

If you have children under 21, then booking a bouncer is something you should consider. An experienced bouncer will make sure your party guests behave at all times and keep everything to have a fun time without worrying about being out of control. It’s also possible to hire a single person as well.

11. Hire an Entertainer

If you want more entertainment, why not hire an entertainer? They will come prepared with a range of fun things to do and options from which your guests can choose. This is a great idea for a big party in 2022 because it will fill every moment of your guests’ time with fun things to do and keep them entertained for the entire event.


These are just a few of the best ideas for hosting a big party in 2022. If you want to throw an epic event, then putting some thought and planning into it beforehand will be well worth the effort. It doesn’t take much money to make a big difference, and your guests will appreciate how much of an effort you made to make sure they have the best time possible.

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