Fun Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

October is here, which means all the major holidays are coming up fast. Chances are you’re thinking about which gifts to get for friends and family. The “perfect gift” – if it exists – varies …


October is here, which means all the major holidays are coming up fast. Chances are you’re thinking about which gifts to get for friends and family.

The “perfect gift” – if it exists – varies from person to person. The relationship between the giver and receiver also plays a role in what you choose. For instance, new car floor mats could be a good gift for your best friend, but not for your spouse of 25 years.

Generally speaking, “fun gifts” fill the gap between greeting cards and expensive items. They cover a range of relationships and situations, including Secret Santa, stocking stuffers, and toy donations.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at six fun gift ideas for everyone on your list:

Vintage board games

When was the last time you played a board game? It’s probably been a while. The same is true for most people. It’s possible those under a certain age have never even played a board game. With this in mind, consider buying vintage board games for friends, kids, and acquaintances. Examples include Battleship, Guess Who?, Monopoly, and Mouse Trap. You could even go with a nice chess set for someone. Despite their age, these and other classic board games can still be found on department store shelves and e-commerce websites.

Movies and television merchandise

Almost everyone these days has a favorite movie franchise or television show. Gifts related to these beloved films and series remain a reliably popular idea. From The Office merchandise to Disney and Marvel-themed products, the sky’s the limit in terms of options. Once you learn which shows and movies they love, the next step is searching online until you find the perfect gift!

Hard-to-find candy

While there’s nothing wrong with perennially popular candies you can find in any checkout aisle, the holidays are a time to go the extra mile in terms of specialty. Almost everyone remembers a beloved candy brand from childhood they can no longer find in stores. From Abba Zaba to Zagnut, these hard-to-find candies can usually be found through online suppliers and local specialty stores.

Refrigerator magnet set

Everyone has a refrigerator. With this in mind, fun magnet sets are the perfect gift for almost anyone. A common type of magnet set involves a “doll” and an assortment of hats, shoes, and clothes to create a new outfit every day. There are also magnet sets for creating little scenescapes and other amusing displays. For instance, there’s a set of 3D Super Mario-themed magnets that can be used to assemble an infinite number of action scenes featuring the famous plumber jumping past Koopas and other bad guys.

Jigsaw puzzle

The challenging fun of putting together a jigsaw puzzle never gets old. What’s more, the images printed onto the puzzle pieces can feature practically anything you can imagine, from famous paintings to nature photography to abstract designs. Additionally, jigsaw puzzles come in an assortment of sizes, making them perfect for anyone 5 or older. Anything from puzzles with 100 large pieces to 500-piece jigsaw puzzles for adults can be a fun and engaging way to spend quality time with friends and family. Putting puzzles together may establish a routine and gives everyone something to look forward to.

Humorous book

Books are one of those gift ideas that can be very dull or very fun. It depends on the type of book as well as the individual. We recommend sticking to humorous books filled with jokes, amusing anecdotes, goofy images, and so forth. For instance, most adults with a good sense of humor will get a lot of joy from reading a printed copy of the Urban Dictionary, while kids will be entertained with an age-appropriate joke book.

With the holiday season fast approaching, most people find themselves thinking about what gifts to get for their friends and family. Fun gifts aimed at providing recipients with joy and entertainment are sure-winners. They’re also affordable and easy to find. That makes them the perfect gift idea for virtually everyone on your list!

Michael Driver is a freelance writer from Texas. He enjoys writing about history, movies, and sports.

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