In part as a reaction to our general shift towards home workouts over the past two years, and as a direct result of a more long-standing focus to cut costs through the use of machinery, there are currently more and more self-service gyms popping up globally. Once reserved for the likes of apartment complexes and hotels, these go-to fitness solutions offer staff-free, 24/7 access, and their growing popularity means that they don’t look set to go anywhere soon.

Of course, much like with the self-service tills at your local store, your first reaction to these locations may be to turn your nose up. In reality, though, the ability to fuel gym workouts that fit around clients at a time where traditional gym memberships are already struggling has been a huge help to the industry overall. But you don’t need to take our word for it, simply keep on reading to find out why a self-service gym membership could end up serving your fitness best. ​​

# 1 – A more private experience

Gym fear is real, especially when every bodybuilder and their mother seems to hit the workout room at the same time. Caught in the onslaught, you may end up either avoiding popular equipment or cutting your workout short because you feel self-conscious. In extreme cases, you may even fail to seek membership in the first place, and only self-service gyms can help you to alleviate that pressure. Of course, that’s not to say that newly arising self-service models aren’t still popular, but a 24/7 approach to fitness does, at least, buy you a whole lot more time to fit in more private sessions at periods that you know to be quiet.

# 2 – A personalized approach

In the majority of cases, these gyms use self-service kiosks that can access your stats, successes, and failures within seconds. As well as giving you a first-hand glance at your workout history, this can ensure personalized workout recommendations that could take days in a traditional gym setup. Furthermore, well-stocked gyms that also provide access to training videos on these kiosks can see you getting a first-hand glance of even new workouts on equipment that the system notices you’re overlooking, meaning that you’ll finally be able to break out the dumbbells or take to that stationary bike to feel the full benefits of your efforts. None of which would be half as easy to achieve in an old-school gym.

# 3 – Generally affordable memberships

Many self-service gyms also provide far more affordable memberships thanks to the reduced need for staff. Admittedly, the most high-tech of self-serve gyms may still charge hefty sums to cover equipment, but you should be able to save yourself a fair amount if you shop around. Not to mention that the opportunity to work out whenever it suits you makes it more likely that you’ll get your money’s worth either way!

Self-service gyms can seem like a leap of faith, but if you want to feel these benefits, then you could probably benefit from signing up.