How to achieve that iconic 60s bikers style

One of the most iconic looks of the past 100 years, is the iconic bikers’ style of the 1960s. This cool retro look brings back some of the best of vintage Americana into modern day, …

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One of the most iconic looks of the past 100 years, is the iconic bikers’ style of the 1960s. This cool retro look brings back some of the best of vintage Americana into modern day, with an attitude and edge that has a rock star vibe.

In this article, we explore how you can add a bit of 1960s biker to your wardrobe and style with pieces that either come from the era or are inspired by it. Read on to find out more.

A history of the style

As with other fashion trends, the 1960s biker style began growing its roots in the decade before it. Hollywood actor Marlon Brando may have brought the style to life through his appearance in the 1953 classic film The Wild One. This film brought motorcycle gangs to the forefront of pop culture, with Marlon Brando styled in a black leather jacket, engineer boots and blue jeans — and inspiring youth and fashion trends of the era with it.

This look evolved with the leather vest of the 1960s, worn by motorcycle clubs and giving them the ability to fly their colours. In the years since, elements of this style have been loved by celebrities and musicians, bikers and of course, anyone who wants to add a bit of edge to their look!

Get the look

Now you know where the style came from, it’s time to bring the look to your wardrobe. From biker jeans to black leather and more, below are some of the top pieces you need to bring 1960s biker to your fashion sense.

Black leather jacket

The black leather jacket has been part of motorcycle culture for years, especially as the bikes got faster and riders required more protection. It was back in 1928 that jacket maker Irving Schott designed the first leather jack specifically created for motorcycling.

Since then, it’s become a staple piece for many, and can be paired with a variety of different articles of clothing. Add a bit of rebellious style by paring it with a dress or go for a classic look and wear it with black or blue jeans!

Black leather vest

As mentioned above, the black leather vest began was popularised by the biker gangs of the 1960s like the Hells Angels, who used it to display their association with their club while on the road.
But you don’t need to be part of a biker gang these days to benefit from a black leather vest. While not as versatile as the black leather jacket, it’s an easy way to add a bit of edge to a variety of different outfits. Try pairing it with doc martens and your favourite band t-shirt underneath for some rockstar style.

Blue jeans

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Blue jeans have been associated with biker style before the 1960s but are an integral part of the look. Denim was thought to be safer to wear while on the road than other materials and it styled well with leather too.

It’s worth having a pair of high-quality jeans in your wardrobe, as they’re a staple piece that can go with a range of looks — from everyday casual, or dressed up with a jacket.

Engineer boots

Black engineer boots have been associated with cyclists since the 1940s but have rarely stopped being in style since then. It was the protective element that brought them to the bike scene, but it’s undeniable how well they go with denim and leather.

They look fantastic with trousers, or to bring a punk feel to a dress.

Achieving the iconic biker look will set your style apart from everyone. This classic aesthetic is empowering and can make you stand tall and confident. Hopefully this article gives you an insight into how to achieve this rocking look and you are able to add your own modern twist on it to suit your personality and music taste.

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