How to Actually Travel the World on a Motorcycle

You cannot simply hop on your motorcycle, fill up some gas, pack a few clothes, and start your motorcycling adventure around the world. No. It’s true that you don’t need much stuff, and that you …


You cannot simply hop on your motorcycle, fill up some gas, pack a few clothes, and start your motorcycling adventure around the world. No. It’s true that you don’t need much stuff, and that you have all the freedom in the world, but it takes a lot of careful planning and diligent organization to plan out an amazing around the world adventure on your motorcycle. As fun as it may sound, you must be prepared for bumpy roads, unpredictable weather, and unexpected situations on the road. If you are keen on going on a flabbergasting two-wheel adventure around the world, here are some nifty tips on how to make it happen and how to organize everything neatly and stress-free.

Choose an appropriate motorcycle

Choosing a motorcycle is a personal matter, and you shouldn’t let anybody talk you into buying something that won’t tick all the boxes for you. However, if you were to choose a bike for such a long destination, you need to consider a number of factors. Firstly, you must be able to pick up the bike, pack all the vital items on it, ensure it’s suitable for various road conditions, and above all, it must be powerful and eligible enough to go distances. A cutting-edge company that produces quality italian motorcycles emphasizes the importance of getting a bike that delivers high-class performance, advanced engineering technology, and uncompromising speed. Lastly, think about the countries you are about to visit, your budget, and your needs before getting a cosmopolitan bike for your long-distance adventure.

Prepare for the weather upfront

The multi-purpose riding suit is not ideal for too hot weather nor for too cold. You need to be adequately prepared both for the south and north weather conditions, especially for the rain. Riding on the mountains one day can be gorgeously pleasing, and then another day utterly freezing. Pack a rain poncho, leather waterproof armored gloves, waterproof jacket, and proper motorbike boots. You absolutely need quality underlayers that will effectively wick away moisture when you are sweating. A good option would be to try out merino wool which is naturally odor-free and keeps you cool in hot weather and warm in cold. In the end, aim to get tires that will work well on the road as well as deliver fantastic off-road performance. Consider Micheline Anakee Wild, Mitas E-70, or Motoz Tractionator GPS that work well for long-distance travels and muddy or sandy thrills.

Go for a “smart” luggage solution

Before you could consider what to pack, you need to figure out where. “Smart” luggage solution means figuring out what lugging to get that will fit on the bike, have sufficient space for all your amenities, and deliver security for a round-the-world trip. When you are traveling around the world you should either go for two large side cases, approximately 29 or 30 liters, which deliver security and space but are quite heavy and expensive, or choose large soft luggage. Soft luggage solutions like Mosko Moto or Kreiga are perfect for long a journey because they are safe and less likely to damage the frame or luggage rack. It fits less stuff than hard luggage but it doesn’t weigh your bike down and it’s much more convenient when moving in and out of accommodation.

Gear up mindfully

Helmet, boots, armor, jeans, riding socks, one pair of cold weather and hot weather gloves, and a jacket with vents are the basic necessities. Choose a lightweight riding suit with enough vents to keep you cool and dry. The key is to be extremely versatile due to the unpredictable climate. Gore-Tex adventure suit is good, but you can also try out Klim ADV Motorcycle Gear or Touratech. Always wear or bring an extra layer of clothes which you can easily put on or take down. When it comes to personal items you need underwear, lightweight trousers, shorts, four or five t-shirts, and flip flops. Don’t overpack, but don’t forget about your passport, money, driving license, and insurance.

Hopefully, you find this guide useful and make your round-the-world motorcycle ride an educational and memorable experience.

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