House repairs can range from something simple like fixing a railing that’s unsteady to something more major like repairing a hole in the roof. Contractors, handymen, and other home repair professionals often work hard to develop a good reputation in their community through word-of-mouth and referrals. There are plenty of ways to find the quality tradesmen and women in your town, here’s how to do it.

Ask Your Professional Network If Anyone Can Help

You may have someone in your professional network who can do the job. Reach out through your business networking groups and your online network to see if you’ve met someone in passing who has the skills needed to repair your home. Even if they aren’t able to take on your project, they may be able to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Talk to Family and Friends

Maybe you had a friend get a bathroom remodeled. Perhaps someone got their roof fixed after a storm. These are the people you want to ask for some recommendations for home repair professionals in your town. Ask them very specific questions about their experience with the professional. What was the cost like? Did they stay on budget? Did they do what you asked of them? Would you work with them again? Why or why not? These are all important questions to gather information from real customers who have worked with them.

It not only helps to find out how well they did, but about how long the process took, were they polite and professional while they were in the house, and did they make the homeowner feel like they were trustworthy.

Do a Quick Google Search

There is nothing like a good old-fashioned Google search to help you come up with a huge list of home repair professionals in your town. Vague searches do nothing but cause frustration and an overwhelming feeling when you see lists that include hundreds of businesses. Search for things like insulation removal near me, flooring installation near me, or even plumbers near me. You’ll have a better chance of finding a professional with the right fit of services if you are more specific.

Doing a general search of handymen near me might have you calling 15 different people before you get to someone who can do the work you need. Google is a treasure trove of information, but it’s a lot all at once, so be sure to use as many specific phrases as possible for your home maintenance and home repair needs. If you need someone to fix siding, use that as your keyword when you complete your search.

Sort Through Review Sites

There are plenty of review sites like Angi, Yelp, and even Google that can give you a good idea of the home repair professionals in your area. You’ll get an earful, especially of the bad experiences people have with a company. It’s true that bad press sells, and that people with bad experiences are more likely to leave reviews than those who had a good experience.

Read through all the reviews, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Additionally, check each company against the BBB. All of these sites are paid for by the business, but they can give you a good indication of whether their services are reliable or not. Look for common themes, or if the experience seems to be a one-off thing a few years ago. Also, look to see if any of the companies responded to the negative reviews and how it appears to have been handled.

Query Local Online Groups

The people near you have likely worked with people near you. This means that in any of your local community groups on Facebook or other neighborhood apps you are likely to find someone who has had their home repaired locally. Hop online and get in these groups if you aren’t already. They will be a useful resource in helping you identify the best home repair companies in your area. Be sure to ask questions about who to use and why they liked them and also if they would avoid any company in particular. Be sure to avoid libel. If needed, you can discuss negative reviews in a private chat. Ask for facts only, not someone’s feelings about it. This can help you avoid getting someone in trouble for defamation.