How To Use Hemp Extracts Like CBD, CBG and CBN For Better Health

Natural medicines have been used for centuries to aid people with a variety of health concerns. Whether it’s the use of honey for immune system support and wound healing, or tea blends like chamomile and …


Natural medicines have been used for centuries to aid people with a variety of health concerns. Whether it’s the use of honey for immune system support and wound healing, or tea blends like chamomile and lavender for evening relaxation and improved sleep, nature’s healing properties can’t be ignored.

Now, with widespread clinical research being performed around the world, the approach our ancestors took to healthcare is being validated with undeniable evidence.

In the modern age, harnessing the power of herbs has been the go-to treatment plan for many alternative and integrated medicine practitioners, but in recent years a new plant-based class of medicines has emerged, and they’re rapidly transforming treatment regimens for those suffering from conditions ranging from arthritis and pain to digestive problems and mental health.

Nature’s Cannabinoid Compounds

Cannabinoids, first identified in the mid-20th century, are present in hemp cannabis plants. There are over one hundred that have been identified by researchers thus far and several of them show promise in health care.

Following the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018 by the U.S. Congress, hemp extracts containing cannabinoids are now available over the counter throughout the United States and can be purchased without a subscription.

The most well known cannabinoid, THC, is the psychoactive ingredient that gives marijuana its effects and is primarily responsible for its medical benefits. And while it is also the most popular, many potential patients of hemp extract products prefer to shy away from its intoxicating effects.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the second most popular cannabinoid and is regularly being suggested as a plant-based complementary or alternative treatment option for patients. But cannabidiol isn’t the only cannabinoid that is gaining popularity within the health community. CBG (cannabigerol) and CBN (cannabinol) are also hemp-based compounds with their own unique benefits for users.

Multi Spectrum and Pure Isolate Extracts

When discussing CBD oils it is important to understand that most CBD oil products contain other compounds in addition to cannabidiol (CBD). Thus, when taking a CBD oil, it is likely that you are also including cannabinoids like cannabigerol, cannabinol, and THC in your daily dosage intake.

There are three main types of CBD oil blends.

Full spectrum CBD oils are the most popular and contain cannabidiol and several other of these “minor” cannabinoids, including THC. In the case of over-the-counter CBD oils, THC levels are below 0.3% to ensure they comply with federal and state regulations.

Broad spectrum CBD oils are similar, but they undergo an additional filtration process designed to remove the THC cannabinoid. These are an excellent choice for those looking to take a multi-spectrum oil without the psychoactive ingredient THC.

Finally, pure isolate extracts are unique in that they contain only a single cannabinoid. A pure isolate CBD oil, for example, will contain only cannabidiol. All of the other cannabinoids and hemp compounds are removed.

Understanding these differences will lead to a better dosing approach when taking hemp extracts.

How To Take A Cannabigerol Extract

CBG is one of the more rare cannabinoids found in hemp with respect to its concentration. This means there is much less CBG in a hemp plant than there is CBD.

It has been shown to help support cannabidiol’s entourage effect by helping to reduce stress and inflammation. It may be an excellent addition to the diets of those suffering from everyday aches and pain.

While taking most full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oils will also give you daily supplementation of CBG, the concentrations of cannabigerol are often so low that taking additional CBG may be in order.

CBG can be taken as a stand along CBG oil without taking CBD at all. For those who prefer to take a combination of CBG and CBD, adding a CBG isolate oil to their existing CBD oil regimen is both safe and beneficial.

Be sure to review a CBG dosage chart to find the ideal amount of cannabigerol for your body weight and therapy needs before starting. You’ll want to begin with 3 mg to 8 mg daily, and adjust your intake accordingly over a period of several days or weeks after observing benefits and any potential side effects.

If you are taking a multi-spectrum CBD oil that contains the minor cannabinoid CBG, check for the concentration of CBG in your oil before adding additional CBG.

How To Take A Cannabinol Extract

Like CBG, the cannabinoid compound known as CBN can be a beneficial addition to an existing health plan.

It is often used in combination with CBD oils to help promote relaxation, stress relief, and improved sleep.

CBN can also be taken independent of CBD oil in the form of a highly concentrated pure isolate. However, because of the well known cannabis entourage effect, it is recommended that CBN dosage be combined with CBD oil.

Be sure to check the existing concentration of CBN in your current CBD oil dosage, as it probably already exists in the formula you are taking.

Add 3 mg to 8 mg of CBN to your CBD oil daily dose for improved sleep support and relaxation.

It is recommended that CBN oil be taken one to two hours before bedtime and combined with other strategies known to improve sleep.

The Entourage Effect

Hemp extracts like CBD have been shown to aid with many health related concerns.

As more clinical evidence for hemp’s powerful plant based effects come to light, it is becoming increasingly clear that CBD doesn’t work alone.

The most significant health benefits are observed in combination therapies that include CBD, CBN, CBG and even the psychoactive ingredient THC. While hemp extracts may not work for everyone, research shows that they are safe to use and non-toxic when taken responsibly. You can try free CBD samples to observe the effects and benefits of hemp extracts on your body before beginning a full treatment plan that include CBD, CBG, and CBN.

Combining various alternative medicines like CBD oils and other minor cannabinoids, along with exercise, breathwork, acupuncture, and meditation may be the most optimal approach to better health.

This “entourage effect” of different medical approaches working together is highly recommended by conventional medical doctors and alternative medicine practitioners alike.

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