Items you’re missing on your grocery list

Grocery stores can be huge, which means that there are thousands and thousands of items that you may be missing out on. We all have to hit the produce section, the meat aisle, cereal and …


Grocery stores can be huge, which means that there are thousands and thousands of items that you may be missing out on. We all have to hit the produce section, the meat aisle, cereal and snacks, maybe even the pasta section. A visit to the pharmacy and wellness section is common as well to get healthcare products.

But since grocery stores are so vast, it is very likely that there are some products that you have never realized could be a necessity for your life. Maybe they are in sections that you have never visited or are just not a priority.

Some of these products could change the game in terms of your health and your family’s well being. Here are some items that you need to add to your grocery list today.


While not a replacement for a healthy diet that provides the nutrients that you need, supplements are a great way to support health-friendly practices. They can help you get more of the nutrients you need, such as calcium, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and more. When you have a growing family, you should consider adding multivitamins to your grocery list to support a balanced diet. Supplements cannot take the place of healthy eating habits, but they are a great solution for many who are seeking additional nutrients.

Dried beans vs canned

Beans are a common ingredient in many meals, and most people will look for canned beans to add to their lunches and dinners. But did you know that buying dried beans and cooking them yourself is better for your health? Although a little extra work has to be put into the meal preparation, you can stock up on dried beans like chickpeas, cannellini, black, pinto, and more at most grocery stores. The preservatives and salt used in most canned beans is a less healthy alternative to home-cooked beans, plus canned is usually more expensive than bulk dried beans. If you are willing to put a little more time into preparation, dried beans could be the perfect item to add to your list.

Herbs to grow

Everyone who has created a grocery list knows that buying packages of herbs can be expensive. Often, the amount that you need is far less than what comes in a package, so it ends up going to waste anyway. Instead, you should look for potted herbs that you can grow yourself. This way, you have more control over the amount of herbs that you are buying, and it can be a fun way to add some life to your kitchen with some growing plants.


It is easy to overlook honey as a grocery list item since it is mostly used for very specific recipes. But honey, especially if it is organic, has many health benefits. For one thing, it can be a big reliever of a sore throat or cough. It also is rich in antioxidants which will help the health of your body’s cells. Honey is a great substitute for sugar since it is a more natural sweetener. Adding it to meals or as an ingredient can delight those with a sweet tooth without the drawbacks of eating pure sugar. If you don’t already have it in your pantry, make sure to grab it on your next trip.

Essential oils

Not only are essential oils great for your health, but they can work very well as supplements to your workout routine. Citrus-based essential oils work well for pre-workout, while others can help to soothe tired or sore muscles such as ginger. Many people who have incorporated the use of these products swear by their effectiveness, and for those looking to pair a great workout with aromatherapy, putting some essential oils on your grocery list is a must.

Plain yogurt

A truly diverse item to have, it can also make a healthy snack. Instead of buying flavored options that may contain artificial sweeteners, you can add just about anything to plain yogurt, including berries, honey, and other healthy options. Yogurt is also a versatile ingredient for cooking, adding a creamy texture to any meal you can imagine. Be sure to add this wonderful product to your next list.

You never know what you’re missing

Grocery stores have whole sections that you may be skipping, which means you are missing out on potential gems. Whether you are looking for healthier options or ways to save money with unique items, expanding your grocery list is all about knowledge. Maybe you have never considered essential oils, or had no idea that dried beans were more cost-effective than canned. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Plenty of people have never experienced the benefits of these unique products. Now that you know, pull out that pad and paper and add them to your next list so that you miss out no longer.

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