Josh Winterhalt – Net Worth, Career Ups and Downs, Personal and Family Life

Josh Winterhalt is a martial art teacher and mixed martial artist, but he is best known as the husband of Sarah Wayne Callies. They have been married for 18 years and have two children, Keala …

Real Name:Josh Winterhalt
Net Worth:$2 Million
Height:175 cm
Occupation:American Martial Artist

Josh Winterhalt is a martial art teacher and mixed martial artist, but he is best known as the husband of Sarah Wayne Callies. They have been married for 18 years and have two children, Keala (12) and Oakes Wayne (6).

Career Ups and Downs

Josh Winterhalt was born in 1976, in New Hampshire, USA. He has grown up in New Hampshire and spent most of his childhood there. Since an early age, he had an interest in martial arts. Josh developed his interest in martial arts into his passion and further continued his university education in martial arts from the University of Dartmouth, and apparently graduated with a degree in martial arts.

After graduating from the university, Josh went on to improve his martial arts ability further and became a martial art instructor and trainer of diverse martial art techniques. He favors the Russian system and considers this as his background. He is active in this field for a long time and teaching in various institutions. The martial art expert works at the gym and teaches people about self-defense and various martial arts.

Some sources speculate that he started his own school, while others that he began to work in the entertainment industry, mainly through the association with his wife’s career. It is known that Martial artists have been hired to help choreograph, train, and double for actors in action films. By the kind of work Josh does, he maintains his body shape, and the effects of aging are not much applicable to him.

Salary and Net Worth

Josh Winterhalt is a martial artist, but best known for being the husband of actress Sarah Wayne Callies who found fame through projects such as “The Walking Dead”, and “Prison Break”.

As of early 2019, his fortune estimates at $2 million, earned through a successful career in martial arts. The majority of his wealth has been accumulated from his career in martial arts. As he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

He may also have increased his wealth in partnership with his wife, Sarah Wayne Callies, who has an estimated wealth of over $3 million. Both of them are continuously working on their careers, so their fortune will continue to grow.

Personal and Family Life

There are not many details known about Josh’s early life. He was born in 1976 in New Hampshire, and most likely, grew up there. Several sources state that he pursued martial arts at an early age, being involved in it since he was a child, but it’s not known what kind of martial arts he took up. After matriculating from high school, he continued his studies, enrolling in Dartmouth College. During his time there, he met his Sarah Wayne Callie. They started dating there, and after graduating, eventually decided to tie the knot on June 21, 2002. Not many details have been shared about their marriage.

Five years after that, her publicist confirmed that the couple was expecting a child. Their daughter, Keala Winterhalt, was born on July 20, 2007. Several years later, they adopted another child, their son Oakes Wayne in August 2013. The couple is still together to date with no signs of a divorce any time soon.

As previously stated, Sarah continued to persist with her passion for acting, while Josh pursued his passion for martial arts, which, with other sports, he had been very interested in from his early years. After her being cast in many new roles, her popularity grew and so did Josh’s as he was well known as her loving husband. Sarah first started with an appearance in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” However, her fame came from her appearance in the immensely popular “Prions Break” and from her role in “Walking Dead”.

After a year of their marriage, Sarah moved to New York to begin her acting career, but still for both family life is a priority. Even while Sarah was busy with her career, she and Josh would go on to have two children together. After that their relationship has become even stronger.

It isn’t easy when it comes to having a successful married life. It needs a lot of sacrifices and forgiveness to make your marital life a happy one. When one cannot give their full percentage, then the other has to fill the gap, and that’s when love can sustain. Despite being busy in their respective professional career, they still manage to spend quality time together. Both Sarah Wayne and Josh Winterhalt seem to have deep mutual understanding and love which is the greatest asset of any married life.

One of the reasons there’s very little information about this couple, and especially about Josh Winterhalt, mainly due to the lack of him having a strong online presence. He does not have accounts on any major social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He also prefers to keep information about his personal life private. This is why finding information about Josh is not that easy. And as a result, he is also many times mistaken for Colton Haynes, an American actor, model, and singer, best known for the American TV series “Teen Wolf” and “Arrow.”

His wife on the other hand is very active on social media but posts a few personal photos and videos to interact with fans. Two of them can still be seen making a public appearance, primarily at the events related to Sarah’s projects along with their kids. Sarah Wayne Callies and her husband, Josh Winterhalt, are together in every step of their life. And they are happy together for over twenty years.

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