Must Have Features in a Weapon Locker

Military and law enforcement officers need to have different weapons with them, all the time. It is a part of their job. And these weapons come with a lot of responsibility. The slightest negligence can …


Military and law enforcement officers need to have different weapons with them, all the time. It is a part of their job. And these weapons come with a lot of responsibility. The slightest negligence can result in a huge mishap. Therefore, weapon storage lockers are the safest solutions to secure various weapons properly. From lockers to police weapon cabinets, these storage options ensure that officers secure their guns when not on duty, in the right way.

How to Choose the Right Weapon Locker?

Military and law enforcement officers do require weapons for certain situations. But in the midst of all those times, the weapons require proper storage to ensure that they are not misused. A gun storage locker or a weapon cabinet can be a great pick.

However, whilst choosing the best locker, you need to look into some features, to ensure that you are making the right purchase.

1. Strong Built:

Weapon storage lockers need to be extremely sturdy. The best ones can withstand harsh circumstances easily, like a brute force attack. The best material for a safe and strong weapon storage locker is 18 gauge steel. It is the best locker for firearms etc.

2. Don’t Pick “One Size Fits All”:

Every weapon has a different measurement. Thus, any locker that claims that it’s one size, can fit all your weapons; steer clear of it. It is a false claim. Opt for modular weapon locker systems. Why? These lockers have the ability to fit different size compartments in them. Thus, they are super feasible for a variety of weapons. You can easily scale them up, with the passage of time and changing needs.

However, you can consider some specific needs you may have when thinking about the right locker size you want. For example, if you need more than a gun locker, say, an armory for different weapons and equipment, you should consider a big storage size to secure everything in one place. Some of the things an armory can contain, apart from guns, include parts and accessories like plate careers. And speaking of plate careers, you can check this plate carrier review out!

3. Excellent Access Controls:

The best storages come with electronic access controls. Choose the same access control system that is employed in your office, so that your staff doesn’t have to learn two different methods. It will help largely in reducing the management costs, as you won’t require different consoles for managing two different controlling systems.

Also, check reviews of different lockers before making a choice. You want to be confident about the control you are receiving. Poor control systems will result in insecure lockers which put your weapons at risk.

4. Great Management:

Smart lockers allow you to automate workflows. How? For example, when you take your weapon out of the locker or put it back inside, the department must be notified about it. In case of any problems, these lockers send in notifications and alerts to the head department too. Thus, always look for a storage locker that boosts management and makes it secure.

5. 24/7 Support:

Before buying a locker, make sure that the company is offering you support service around the clock. If the locker malfunctions, you definitely want it fixed, as soon as possible. Therefore, the company must be responsive and should provide you support 24/7.

Before buying a weapon storage locker, it is important to have a look at the above mentioned features. These mark for a wonderful investment.

Benefits of Weapon Storage Lockers

Working in the law enforcement industry can be stressful. And nobody wants to add up to the worries, by leaving their weapon unattended or in the wrong place. Therefore, the benefits that come along with a weapon storage locker, bring peace of mind to one’s life.

Here are some of the most basic yet crucial perks of a weapon storage locker:

  • It helps ensure that the weapons are safely locked and cannot be utilized by anyone else.
  • Lockers help in keeping your guns and firearms away from unwanted people.
  • Prevent the weapons from any kind of damage.
  • Reduce theft risks.
  • It is easier to track down the weapons.

All of these benefits make lockers, one of the safest options for storing all types of weapons. Whether you have to keep your firearm, a gun or any other weapon; storing it under surveillance is definitely the wisest decision to make.

Where to Find the Best Lockers?

When shopping for a weapon locker, it is best to opt for trusted and well-experienced companies. Do not take the risk of investing in a new or unknown product. Furthermore, always do extensive research regarding the company you plan to buy from. Read through the reviews and look at the features that come along with the locker to ensure that you are investing in the right device.


Whether you are a military, law enforcement officer, or a layman who’s just started collecting guns, the knowledge of protecting your weapons is extremely important. Therefore, investing in a smart weapon storage locker is also crucial. By protecting weapons, you protect your law enforcement industry and all other military officers that work along with you.

Take some time out to research about the best lockers available and then make a choice according to your requirements.

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