Summer parties might have you envisioning pools and lots of swimming. But when your party needs something extra special, there are plenty of fun options. Forget the family-friendly ones. This list is all about party entertainment for adults only. While there are many ways to enjoy parties as a family, sometimes the adults need something just for them. Here are some unique entertainment options you’ll want to start planning now.

Book a Cabaret Show

Do you love a good Vaudeville show? Singing, dancing, and those risqué moments can make for a fun and entertaining night. The cabaret shows of old were always over the tops with their costumes and music and excitement. Finding a show to book for your summer party is as easy as searching for a cabaret near me. When you love movies like Chicago or Moulin Rouge, then a cabaret performance will spice up any adult party. You’d be amazed at the talented performers who come to show off their skills and give you a night to remember.

Try Your Hand at Karaoke

Want to make a fool out of yourself or show off your amazing singing skills to your friends and colleagues? Then consider a karaoke entertainment experience. You can invite guests to come prepared to sing along to some of their favorite songs, to get up and show off their talent, or to make requests of the best singers who show up to your summer party. Karaoke is always done best with a drink in hand, so don’t forget to give your guests some libations to help them loosen up and belt out their favorite tunes. Karaoke always offers the opportunity for some good laughs and fun memories.

Create an Ax Throwing Area

Do you know what’s all the rage right now? Those ax-throwing venues. People love trying to hit targets with those smaller handheld axes. This means that if you create a little area at your party where people can be supervised throwing their axes, you can have a fun and entertaining activity that everyone will enjoy. Turn it into a competition with people competing against each other for first place. You can even have people in brackets to help when you have a lot of people at your party. Give out prizes for the winners and some ribbons for everyone who participated in the ax throwing games.

Hire a Comedian

Want to laugh all night? Find yourself a good comedian. The best ones will have you laughing until you cry and are worth every penny when you host a good summer party. You can always start the party off with some comedy and end the night with some dancing.

Comedians are known for their candid and off-color commentaries that can make people roll with laughter. Make sure you vet your comedian before they come to ensure they won’t completely offend any of your guests. You do want to be mindful of the content of their comedy routines before you book them.

Plan a Murder Mystery

Have you ever been to a live murder mystery dinner? They have a cast of characters who often appear to be guests just like everyone else. Then the murder happens. Dun dun dun. It’s up to the guests to figure out whodunnit in a real-life game of Clue. There are often twists and turns and as you start to uncover clues, you’ll be left wondering if the person who you think is guilty is really the criminal or not.

Outdoor Lawn Games

Think bigger than your typical outdoor lawn games. You don’t want to play croquet or badminton. Instead, you want those large outdoor games. Something like a living checkerboard or jumbo Connect 4. You can rent sumo suits or play a game of soccer in those ball suits that get bounced around everywhere. The key to hosting outdoor games at your summer party is to think bigger and think of what will get people excited to participate. Jenga games as tall as a man are far more interesting than sitting and playing a normal game of chess.

Hosting a summer party geared toward adults means that you have plenty of options for games and activities. Try one of these the next time you host an adult friendly party and you’ll be the talk of the town—in a good way.